"Now, for my own benefit, could let's go around the circle and have everyone introduce themselves, and tell a little about themselves, please. May we start with you, miss?" he indicated the tall ancient woman to his left.

With her dainty nose thrust forcefully in the air, the woman stood up in one graceful swoop of a blue hospital gown and cast a disdainful look around the circle. Dr. Patton happened to notice all the men in the circle flinch at her stare.

"I," she stated slowly, "am Lady Sophia Regina Carlotta Annette the Third, daughter and sole heiress to the late Duke Francis of York. I can trace my heritage back to the great monarchs of-"

"Would you put a sock in it, Sophie? We're all sick of your rambling, and I don't think the good doctor wants to hear it either." The dark man called. She shot him a poisonous glare and then turned to Dr. Patton.

"Well, I'm sure I can tell you it all later," she said with a sickly sweet smile on her pale face, "it is fascinating, you know." She batted her eyelashes at him and leaned a touch closer, so he could smell her distinctive old-lady and hospital-soap smell.

Dr. Patton, who had never had much experience with women (and especially not seventy-year-old mental patient women) tried to look away, not quite knowing what to say to her.

"Umm, yes then, let's continue.you sir?" he asked the next man hopefully. Sophie, possibly feeling that she had been brushed off, sat back down huffily and refused to make eye contact with Dr. Patton for the rest of the session.