*~ Pardon me for the delay of writing the Prequel to "Some Things Are Meant To Be"... Since the plot of "Made 4 Luving U" cannot be put into words, I decided to make this story as the prequel to STAMTB.. After all, it makes use of most of the characters... Alyssa and Hazel are still in it.. And it takes place years before the events in STAMTB happened... Happy reading!! ~*

"SCHOOL'S OUT!!" bellowed everyone as they ran through the halls of the second floor of SISC. It was the last day of school and all the sophomores raced through the halls, slid down the banisters and rejoiced that Summer vacation was just a few days away.

"So, everyone's going to the gimmick tomorrow?," Alyssa asked her friends who were rejoicing.

"Yup," replied Hazel, Alyssa's longhaired bestfriend. "How 'bout ya, Jerry?" she asked as she turned to face a boy who was busily texting with his phone.

"Definitely," Jerry replied with a smile, "I'm bringin' Kelly along.. Is that okay with you, guys?"

"It's fine if you and Kelly don't make out infront of us," snapped Owen, Alyssa's other friend.

"That's great!", exclaimed Alyssa, "same time, same place, okay?"

"GOT IT!", the three chorused. After they exchanged goodbyes, Alyssa headed to the parking lot to meet Shaft, her boyfriend. He was to pick her up and take her home. As soon as she saw a red Jaguar parked in the parking lot, she smiled, approached the car and knocked on the window.

The driver rolled the window downward and greeted her with a smile.

"Did I keep you waiting?", Shaft asked Alyssa as he leaned forward to kiss her.

"Not really," Alyssa replied after she kissed him, "what's in the back?" she curiously asked as she saw a bouquet of roses in the back seat.

"Oh.. That.." Shaft said as he hesitated for a moment, "why don't you come inside and I'll show you"

With that, Alyssa went to the other side and waited for Shaft to open the door to the passenger seat. When it was opened, she sat down, closed the door and smiled at Shaft.

"What's the bouquet of roses doing at the back?" Alyssa asked again

Shaft hesitated and decided to give the bouquet of roses to Alyssa.

"Happy anniversary", he said as he gave her the bouquet and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Confused, Alyssa blankly accepted the bouquet. Before Shaft could say anything, Alyssa said, "Our anniversary is not until a week from now!"

Shaft hesitated again at Alyssa's remark, "I know, I know." he repeated with a smile, "I was just excited..that's all"

"Really now.." Alyssa replied with eyebrows raised

"I'm serious," Shaft answered, "and..I've got something to tell you, honey.."

"What's that?" Alyssa asked

Before he could ask her, a message alert tone was heard from Shaft's phone, "Excuse me for a moment, okay?" he said to Alyssa

"Sure.." Alyssa replied

Shaft opened the message he received and reacted as he read the message:

Tell Alyssa U cnt go 2 d gimmick 2mor0w.. make up sme excuse not 2 go..Happy anniversary, shaft!!Cya 2mor0w!! Marie Lou xx

Shaft hit 'Reply' on his phone and texted:

Im on the verge of doin' that.. Happy anniversary 2, shawty! Cya 2morrow 2!! Shaft xx

After he replied, he kept his phone in his pocket before Alyssa could get anymore curious.

"Anything wrong?" Alyssa asked Shaft

"Nothing, honey.." Shaft said as he looked at her, "that was one of my homies telling me something about tomorrow."

Alyssa looked at him, "what about tomorrow?"

"Honey," Shaft began, "I can't go tomorrow"

"BUT WHY?!" Alyssa exclaimed, "you promised me that nothing will interfere with our plans tomorrow!"

"I know I said that," Shaft said as he looked at Alyssa, "but my homies and I are going to be doing something tomorrow. We've got some unaccomplished requirements that we have to finish.. You know me, right? I'm a lazy person, aye."

Alyssa thought of it for a moment as Shaft started the car and started to drive. The two did not mutter a word until Shaft reached Alyssa's home. Quietly, Alyssa stepped out carrying her stuff and the bouquet of roses Shaft gave her.

"I'm sorry, honey," Shaft said before Alyssa closed the door, "Call me when you're already okay."

Alyssa nodded her head in response.

"Love you," Shaft said as he saw Alyssa smile before she closed the door. Shaft then drove off and headed to his house. Upon reaching the gate to his home, he sat back and grabbed his phone to call Marie Lou.

"Shawty," Shaft said as Marie Lou answered the call

"Shaft!" Marie Lou exclaimed, "how's my boo?"

"I'm great," Shaft replied, "I've got to tell you something though"

"Okay," Marie Lou replied, "what's that?"

"I planned to give you a bouquet of roses," Shaft began, "but Alyssa found them so I decided to give it to her. She might get suspicious if I told her that the bouquet wasn't meant for her.. Will you forgive me, shawty?"

"It's alright," Marie Lou said as she giggled, "you didn't have to surprise me with that.. It's not your fault that Alyssa likes to snoop on things."

Shaft nodded in agreement, "God! You have no idea how many times I had to answer those questions she was firing at me! I was like 'leave those roses alone! They aren't meant for you, bitch!' "

Marie Lou giggled, "Calm down, Shaft.. So what did you tell her, then?"

"I had to make excuses and shit to save my life, shawty," Shaft replied, "I wanted to tell her that the bouquet was for the loveliest girl in the world.. And that's you, shawty!"

"That's so sweet of you, Shaft," Marie Lou said as she blushed at the remark.

"You deserve it," Shaft replied

"Is everything set for our gimmick tomorrow?" Marie Lou asked

"Not yet," Shaft replied, "I'm waiting for the bitch to call so that she could tell me her verdict."

"Suppose she still doesn't allow you to go?" Marie Lou asked again

"Then I will just disappear in the middle of the gimmick," Shaft replied, "it's just easy to do that. All you'll have to do is slip out when they're playing in Timezone. She and her friends are too occupied and too stupid to notice that!"

Just then, another call was being displayed on Shaft's phone.. It was from Alyssa.

"Gotta go, shawty," Shaft told Marie Lou, "she's calling. I'll call you back!"

"Okay," Marie Lou said, "tell me what she says..Catch ya later! Happy anniversary, boo!"

"Happy anniversary, shawty", Shaft said as he hung-up on Marie Lou's call.

"Hello" Shaft said as he received Alyssa's call

"I've decided," Alyssa said

Shaft grinned, "what's it going to be, honey?"

"I'm allowing you to go with your homies tomorrow," Alyssa replied, "it's okay if you don't go with us. I understand"

Shaft rejoiced inside, "I knew you would understand, honey."

"I would do anything to make you happy, Shaft" Alyssa answered

"Maybe if you get out of my life--- I would be really, really happy!" Shaft thought to himself, "Thanks a bunch for understanding, honey." Shaft said

"I love you, Shaft" Alyssa said

"I love you too, honey" Shaft said

"Have fun tomorrow, okay?" Alyssa replied

"I will," Shaft assured, "Call you later" he said before he hung-up. He smiled to himself and dialed Marie Lou's number again.

"Shaft?" Marie Lou said as she answered, "that was quick!"

"Yeah," Shaft said excitedly, "thank God it was!"

"So.." Marie Lou impatiently asked, "what's the verdict?"

"The bitch agreed!" Shaft excitedly exclaimed

"That's great!" Marie Lou rejoiced

"She doesn't know a single thing," Shaft said, "I'll meet you tomorrow.. Same time, same place?"

"Yup," Marie Lou replied, "got that!"

"See you, shawty!" Shaft said as he hung-up. Before going out of his car, he grinned heavily and thought, "Alyssa maybe smart but she's downright stupid to be loving a player like me.. Does she know that I'm a player? Oh right... she's too stupid to even think about it"