Amethystdawn: Hey people, thought I had a try at nonsense humorous poetry.
^_^ I'd especially like to thank my best bud Jamaican Jen. ~_^ (Not a
member of Fic Press) She helped me with this. Well not exactly help, 'cause
she didn't really offer or anything, we sort of started this poem in class,
just passing notes to each other. It was fun, even if the poem's kinda
stupid. Anyway, I'm still posting this whether you like it or not, even if
you find it ridiculously stupid. So here it is, go read it and don't forget
to review. I wanna know if someone's reading this. ^_^

WARNING: This is not exactly the most organized poem in the world. Oh, and
if anyone's wondering who the heck the Fernando guy is in the poem, he's
just a figment of our imagination, so we don't mean to insult anyone, okay?
In fact everything in there is a figment of our imagination.

If I were king
And you were queen
The gingerbread man
would sing:
"The witch is mean
Fernando's gay
The dreamer dreams
And flowers bloom at
The witch would come
And smack his head
'Til it's numb
And send him off to bed
We would laugh
The wizard would scoff
And show us a calf
I would say his arms are rough
The gingerbread would come
With a flamethrower in his hand
Whack us with his thumb
And takeover the land
"I'll beat you up bad!"
The gingerbread man exclaimed
After he glared
They all became scared
They all became numb
For no one wanted to challenge
His big deadly thumb
The wizard was sad, he got upset
And after which his pants he wet
And after he cried, he ran away
Some people could tell he was gay
The gingerbread man bellowed
As he feasted on jello
"I'll be the most beautiful man you've seen!"
Not knowing the wizard had left a puddle
A puddle that would cause quite much of a muddle
The gingerbread man had suddenly slipped
And after which his bloomers ripped
And then his cookie-leg fell off
He then made an ugly scoff
He was carried away by a bear
The gingerbread started to swear
They all had a celebration
Oh yes, it was grand
When the wizard was proclaimed
King & Queen of the land.

Amethystdawn: Well, this is the end of our silly little poem.
Jamaican Jen: What about us?! I thought we were King and Queen?!
Amethystdawn: I thought so too. I wanted to be king!
Jamaican Jen: Hey, I'm king.
Amethystdawn: Whatever. It's all the wizard's fault!
Jamaican Jen: Yeah! Let's burn him in his puddles! (Goes off with
Amethystdawn to look for the wizard with a flamethrower.)