This world cares not
For all I've fought
Struggled and tried
To fight the tide
In me, I find
I do not mind
When dark wins all
Erect a wall
Divide the whole
Taking a toll
It taxes me
For I long to be
Other than
That I am

Lost [cause] describes
The endless vibes
Meaning joins me
In floating free
Lost to all
At last, free-fall
Something real
Forced to deal
Cannot change
Not deranged
Though no one cares
They've left in pairs
Girl with boy
All filled with joy
Except one
Coming undone
Left alone
Can't atone

For he's done nothing wrong, you see
Other than exist and breathe

Back to form
Join the norm
Fill the mold
Do what you're told
Question not
Be a robot
Sever ties
Be what you are
But from afar

Vision, this, it cannot see
Enjoy invisibility
For, while from her it's this you do,
Someone more's not seen by you

And in the end
Rules never bend
For, just like you
They'll break in t[w]o
Useless halves,
Unmothered calves
And face death's jaws
As another lost [cause]