We are secret rivers
With shaking hips and mouths
Where I am lost in rhythms
That comes awake in our thunder
So that our eyes can see
All hopes in an eclipse
A thousand nights one succored me
In the shadows of anthrope
Sat amid my licking flame
A cruel tongue at work in her secret vaults
Sent rebellion's embers into revolt
The coming of extinction
Synched to whimpers of my name...
My heart, torn apart, left a rifled grave...
Save for an unfurled flag of hate
To enthrall a mindless zombie race
In books I inscribed,
The words "damnation throughout design"
Seemed a bitter truth far better than the lie
For as hope was felled by reason
Forlorn became the season
And death was swift to swallow on the heels of life
Lowered souls, growing cold, tendered easy prey
When heaven's flock, a fair game, dropped
I bored of war with god with greater thrones to
And I am stuck in the middle
Breaking hearts and singing songs
A child's' lullaby of dreams and desires
That you'd only draw closer before you stay
For another, a new place in time
And these are the words that disturb the earth
And I left and abandoned myself out in the cold
So, I guess that's my exit
As I walk away with your Hope