Betrayed His Mother's Trust

By:Andrew Troy Keller

On Friday,January the 13th,a Cleveland State University named Kevin Farley has returned home to Berea to visit his mother,who was living on Hartman Street.

After he had stepped into his mother's house and announced that he was home,he was surprised to see another friendly face in the house.

That friendly face belonged to his mother's best friend and next door neighbor,Margot Hannigan,who Kevin had a crush on since he was in high school.

And after they had sat around and had some stimulating conversation,Margot had decided to go back to her house and shovel some snow off of her front walk and Kevin had volunteered to go help her with that chore.

As soon as they had gotten to Margot's house and she had gotten a pair of shovels out of the garage,both Kevin and Margot had gotten started with the chore.

Then suddenly,Kevin had slipped on a patch of ice and fell backwards into a mound of soft snow.

After she had rushed over to Kevin and saw that he was okay,Margot had helped him into the house and upstairs to the bathroom,where she had insisted that he uses her shower to get himself warmed up.

A few minutes later,after she had walked into the bathroom and placed some fresh towels on the sink,Margot had looked at Kevin through the shower door and saw what a marvelous body he's got.

And after she had removed all of her clothes and stepped into the shower,Margot had placed her nude body against Kevin's.

And after he had turned towards Margot and they both looked at each other for a minute or two,both she and Kevin had wrapped their arms around each other and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,sometime later,after they both had experienced such a moment of pure and untamed erotica,Kevin had placed himself on top of Margot's sleeping body,took a deep breath and layed there with a look of fear on his face,for he had suddenly realized that even though he had finally realized his high school fantasy,he has also betrayed his mother's trust and has no idea on what to do next.