I'll show you secrets resting,
Deep within this world of mine,
I'll tell you anything and everything,
And raise you a golden shrine.

Just follow me into the light,
And I'll grant all your wishes.
Just accompany me on this flight,
Away from an earth of vices.

I want nothing more than to help you
Leave this place you despise,
Leave all behind all you ever knew,
And stay flying with me in the skies.

Stay with me and I will love you,
Go back to your hell on earth,
And my memory will forever haunt you,
And your conscience will not allow you mirth.

For you would refuse the speaker of heaven.
Why do you hesitate, love? Fear me not.
None have returned from this haven,
But it is because, lost in delight, they forgot.

So come, and you will forget all torment.
You will never regret your choice,
I promise to you. Do I look like I repent?
Listen to the call of my voice.

AN: Euh.Siren's song :D. I didn't want to say this in the end but I could
think of no way to make it obvious in the poem.