The Game of Life


I have known men who would swallow a flame

And women who sing songs aloud without shame

I have known children who dance with tigers that prance

All in the twists and the turns of a game

I have seen great pink birds that on one leg they stand

And blue spotted fish that walk on water and land

I have seen mountains that tower and white trees that flower

All this I saw in a game on the sand

I have heard songs of far oceans and ships that sail far

And even the calling of a glittering gold star

I have heard the cry of the elephants in July

All in the depths of this game so bizarre

I have smelled the cooking of palm leaves in sugar so sweet

And roasting over fires the smell of good meat

I have smelled gold and pink flowers and pungent hot drink

All in a game that means death if you cheat

I have visited many lands and met many friends

And walked to far countries and seen all the ends

I have been many things and flown on wide wings

All in a game that soon changes and bends