In the woods of Neverland my heart lies,
Locked inside a box, away from human eyes.
Gracefully do the lost children of my dreams,
Care for it, while I watch through my soul's golden seams.

Sometimes I reach out for it, trying to bring it back,
But it is always stolen, by a river of tears black,
And I watch as a white hare, runs off with it
Whilst I weep; he cannot see my pain has reached its summit.

'All the sun touches will be yours one day'
Says the King. But the sun touches nothing but human clay,
And my soul is still in the shadow lands, where roam wild beasts,
Monsters and nightmares, and a traitor on my heart feasts.

Will you bring it back to me little mermaid?
Or will the sharks swallow you and you will fade.
Will the witch take my voice too? And sing for sunrise and glory,
During the wedding of her death and his majestic beauty.

My spirit rests beside the red rose, imprisoned in a glass cage,
For I fear that if I set it free, it will be consumed by age,
And that I will die or it will fly away before my very eyes.
I hear in my heart, how watching my spirit and the rose the beast cries.

Long ago I pricked my finger on a spinning-wheel needle,
And since that curse was placed I sleep like a child in its cradle,
My mind, soul, spirit, heart, all locked away by a spell,
And I wait in vain, for a prince to come kiss me and make me well.

AN: I'm quite proud of this, I like it a lot and it's rare for me to like
my own poems. It's inspired by Disney cartoons, lol. The first is Peter
Pan, second Alice in Wonderland, then the Lion King, the Little Mermaid,
Beauty and the Beast, and finally, Sleeping Beauty.