I sit on a bench, gazing at the sky

the rain hits my face; a sweet droplet falls in my eye

I hang my head low and stare at my feet

in my head I hear a soft pounding beat

my clothes are wet,

but I don't feel the moisture yet

the clouds open and it storms

I feel free here with the rain pouring around my body

I'm alone and I feel glorious

nothing could be as wonderful as this feeling of belonging, belonging to nature, belonging to myself

for one intensely lovely moment, the world fades away

I open my hazel eyes and let the tears fall and be brushed away

I wish you were here to hold me, just to tell me things will eventually work out, eventually be alright.

I wish I could look at you, hug you, let you feel this immense pleasure

I wish I could see your eyes, mess up your hair, feel your warm embrace

but, alas, a wish is all it is.

a dream that I can feel and yearn for in my heart and mind

I leave the bench feeling oddly satisfied with a sense of longing and yet a sense of finish

I long for you, but I have finished being lonely