"My tips for any writer, at any level, at any age, writing anything." By Ecliptic Wolf

So you want to be a writer, eh? Good choice. As you know if you found this, I'm one myself. But mayhap you want some help? Here, I think I'm qualified. I won't say, "Use correct grammar" or "Make sure you know exactly what you're going to write before you even start", because that's not what writing a story is. Writing a story is---in my opinion---a way to have some control. What I guess I really mean is that you can play God. If you want to have a skipping 69-year old diabetic cow playing hopscotch when you started with a story about Trevor the computer genius (Trev, read this thing, if only because I have now made you known to about.*counts on fingers* six people) that's completely okay.

Really, it doesn't matter how well you write. If you have a daydream you want to share, or just want to record, open up a Word document and start typing. Here are a few guidelines to follow. Feel free to not use them, this is just what I find works for me. Everyone's brain works differently.

Don't try to impress people or write what doesn't feel right (no pun intended) If writing in paragraphs and suchlike doesn't come naturally, that can wait. You don't even need to do it. If it's your stuff, it's your stuff and it's ONLY your stuff. It doesn't matter if it's about Hiroshima, anime, butterflies, grape jelly, laptop computers or windows. Write what feels good, when it feels good. Do your best to bring the world to life in your words. Sites like Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com are good tools, but if you want to say 'bird feet' instead of 'avian feet', it's really okay Don't try to make it something you think the most popular kid you know would want to read, or what your teacher wants to read, or anything besides what you want to put out in the world. If you write it, they will come. There is no such thing as a bad story. Someone, somewhere, someplace will think that what you call a heap of space-wasting junk is the best thing since Tolkien (and that's d---- good by my standards). On Fanfiction.com (I'm Jerint of Balor's Peak, by the way) I have a Star Trek (TNG) story. I hate it, but according to the readers, they love it. The title comes last. I just think about the main points in my daydreams that stuck out and try to find out what a good title is. If nothing else, use a cliché, but don't get in to that habit. What do you think 'Apprentice' is? Akidan is an apprentice. Big thoughts there, huh? Write if you want to. If you hate something, you don't actually have to show it to anyone. No one's poking about your hard drive. That's all, folks! *Looney Tunes ending theme plays* Actually, it's all the tips that I feel everyone can use. So long, and happy writing!