A Modern Day Vegas Showgirl
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Ever since she was a little girl growing up in
A small town in Wyoming and next to Spangler's Mountain,
A pretty little philly named Bonnie Sue Chamberlin had been
Longing to leave her hometown and go where the men
And women are willing to have pleasureble moments of sin.

Then suddenly,on Saturday,February the 14th,
She had bumped into a traveling drifter named Keith
And he had agreed to allow her
To travel with him to the city of the gambler--
Las Vegas,Nevada--which they had finally reached on the 19th.

And after they had checked themselves into the Mirage hotel,
The two drifters had gone down the Strip,in order to tell
Her family what she saw as soon as she was able to rome
Her way back to her small town home.
And what they saw was nothing that should be in Hell.

But then,the very next day,
Poor Bonnie Sue had woken up in a really bad way,
For after an entire night of partying,a terrible hangover
Had came upon Bonnie Sue and Keith had left her
At the hotel with a bill that she was unable to pay.

Just then,a woman named Melody Ross had helped pay
Bonnie Sue's hotel bill and also invited her to stay
With her and her lover,Bryan Saunders at her place.
A few minutes later,Melody had helped Bonnie Sue ace
One of the hottest jobs in Vegas history,a modern day
Vegas showgirl.