Ode to Hot Dogs

I love hot dogs, I sincerely do

And to my hot dogs, I must be true.

Hot dogs are one of my favorite treats,

And whenever I get a chance, hot dogs I must eat.

Hot Dogs are only another type of processed food,

But if I have anything but hot dogs, I sit and brood.

Hot dogs of the Nordic and hot dogs on a stick,

No matter what kind, hot dogs really make me tick.

Hot dogs are the greatest, hot dogs are the best

Hot dogs are so much better than the rest.

Hot dogs are the greatest food to eat at a fair,

And you can even eat hot dogs while doing your hair.

Hot dogs are great, and better on a bun,

I really like hot dogs, I think they are fun.

Please put mustard on my hot dog, and maybe Ketchup too.

If you put them I my hot dog, I will do anything for you.

I love hot Dogs anyway you make them.

I even like them sometimes with bacon.

My hot dog Ode is finished, my hot dog ode is through,

And I hope you will learn to like hot dogs as much as I do.