Ghost Girl

By Vessel Persona ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Princess, come in here please," A blue-eyed woman called, turning to look in the mirror. She straightened her straw-blond hair, trying to tuck the loose strands into her bun. She sighed at her reflection, self-consciously trying to smooth out her wrinkles, before laughing at herself. It wasn't like anyone was going to see her here in this forsaken place, or at least not anyone who would care if a woman, just reaching middle age, had wrinkles before her time.

Yet again she corrected herself; the halls weren't forsaken, just strangely empty. She sighed again; it wasn't strange at all, if you thought about it. After all, the only ones allowed in the princess's chambers were her parents and governess; and her parents didn't care about their daughter, it seemed, since the governess had yet to hear from them.

Of course, it was reasonable for them to dislike their daughter. After all, a princess couldn't inherit the throne, and since the princess's mother had died at the princess's birth, there were to be no more children born, which by default made the king's nephew the heir.

So the king remarried. But the new queen was childless, and the king's nephew was named successor to the throne.

But going backwards, if you thought about it, it wasn't simply for that that the king avoided his daughter. He was busy, of course, and then... There was that one other thing, the crime he almost committed... but no, it was treason to think about it. The woman, the princess's governess cut herself off sharply.

"Nurse, you called me?" A child's voice asked. A hand ghosted over the governess's arm, almost touching the woman's shoulder, but not quite. The nurse turned and smiled at the young princess.

The girl was small for her age, so she barely reached to her governess's waist. Her head was turned upward toward her teacher's face, blue eyes questioning.

The nurse bent down, "Turn around. Your hair's come undone again."

The princess turned obediently so that her nurse could re-raid her pale blond hair into a single plait. "What did you want, Governess Nita?" She asked politely.

"I have a present for you. Turn around so I can see you. Good." Nita said briskly.

"You have a present for me?" The princess questioned.

"Yes, Princess Sake, I have a present for you. But you can only have it once you finish your embroidery."

"The whole thing?" Sake asked. Small tries at bargaining were as close as she ever got to complaining. She was probably at the most impertinent she ever was right now.

"Yes, Princess Sake, the whole thing." Nita smiled as Sake ran off to work on her embroidery.

Suddenly Nita felt dizzy. A moment later everything went black, and she fell down in a dead faint.


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