By Vessel Persona


Sake sat in her room, drawing. Her pictures were really quite good for a four year old, especially a self-taught four year old. The subjects in her paintings varied over a large number of different subjects. They went from things she had seen, to things she had heard of, to thing she made up. And then there were the things that were a combination of all three.

Say, a unicorn. She had also given it a halo and wings; she said it was an Apu- a Pegasus/Unicorn/Angel. Or she would have said so, if she had had anyone to tell it to. But she didn't want anyone to know what she drew, alone here in her room.

Even her governess wasn't allowed to see them; she was forbidden from coming into Sake's room. Governess Nita had never seen inside her room, and Sake planned to keep it that way. She looked down at her most recent drawing- a picture of grass, and a tree. She was doing it mostly from her imagination, but she had heard of trees and grass, and she had vague memories of them, from when she was a tiny baby and had been outside once.

Her grass was long, spiky, and green; her tree trunk was twisted out of shape, black, and had a hole in the middle through which you could see the sheep that were scattered through the sky; and her leaves were hundreds of tiny stars. She was in the middle of coloring the 'leaves' silver.

"Princess, come in here please," she heard Nita call.

Sake sighed, and stood up, walking into the other room. She had to walk through her bedroom/schoolroom before she reached Nita's room. When she opened the door of her room, she was standing right across from the door that led to Governess Nita's room. She turned around and carefully shut the door to her room behind her. Strangely, out of everything in her quarters, this door was the only thing that was a dark color. All the walls were made of white marble, as were the ceilings, floors, and even the doors. There were no windows. She walked across the schoolroom, being careful not to step on any toys.

She wondered why Nita had called her... She had already finished her schoolwork. She opened the door- white marble, of course- that led into her nurse's room.

Nita was standing in front of a mirror, fiddling with her hair. Sake briefly wondered why, out of all the rooms in her quarters, Nita's was the only one with a mirror. She shoved the thought aside, as she walked across the room to where Nita was standing.

"Nurse, you called me?" Sake asked curiously, reaching up and ghosting her hand across Nita's arm. She never quite touched Nita- she never touched anyone. When she was born, the doctors had thought that she had very delicate skin, which broke and bruised easily.

They were wrong. Sake was... slightly 'allergic' to human touch. When she touched a living being, her skin grew soft, and bruised easily. And of course, off course, there was that disturbing habit she was getting of reaching THROUGH people, which she thought had something to do with her allergy- But Nita didn't know about that. Nita didn't know, that sometimes, when Sake was playing, she reached to pick up a toy and... her hand would go through it.

 Nita turned, and smiled down at Sake. Then her face turned strict, like it always did, sooner or later. She bent down, and motioned for Sake to turn around. "Turn around. Your hair's come undone again." She said sharply.

Sake obeyed, and Nita began to re-braid her hair. Sake mentally grumbled, she HATED having her hair done- plus, she wanted to know why Nita called her! "What did you want, Governess Nita?" Sake asked. After all, what better way to get answers, than to ask questions?

"I have a present for you. Turn around so I can see you." Sake turned around, allowing Nita to see that her braid was in the center of her head. "Good." Nita said, frowning. Nita rarely smiled, but of course, Sake was the only one who was ever around to see her frowns, let alone her smiles, and why smile if no one seems to care?

"You have a present for me?" Sake asked excitedly. She seldom received gifts, but when she did, they were always wonderful. After all, she was a princess.

"Yes, Princess Sake, I have a present for you. But you can only have it once you finish your embroidery." Nita said mischievously. Sake's 'embroidery' was a square yard of cloth that she was embroidering the alphabet on. She was up to the letter 'F'

"The whole thing?" Sake asked. She knew she was being rude, and impertinent, but... The WHOLE thing?

"Yes, Princess Sake, the whole thing." Nita said. She smiled one of her rare smiles, which confused Sake- she thought that she was being bad? Shouldn't she be punished?

Sake shrugged to herself, then turned around and ran off to begin working. Only... twenty letters left!

After a few moments, she was totally absorbed in her work. She didn't hear the 'thump' that came from Nita's room.


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