I stood in the patch of moonlight in the middle of my floor. I had school the next day, but I couldn't sleep. The thing was, I wasn't wide awake either. It felt like I was in an in-between place, like twilight, or dawn. It was magical, like faery land, and I felt like I could do anything.

I love to dance, I dance all the time and it's my strongest passion. So it's only fitting that I began to dance. I didn't think about anything else, I didn't even make a conscious decision, I just started to dance.
As I spun, the moonlight seemed to expand. Glowing, it filled up the room, flowing up the walls and spilling onto the ceiling. Soon the room disappeared and only the moonlight remained. I was dancing, spinning, twirling in the moonlight; following some unheard music.

Through the moonlight, I felt, rather than heard, a woman's voice call my name. It vibrated in my bones, touching something deep and ancient.

"Kathy," it called. "Come here Kathy, I'd like to talk to you."

I didn't think, just stepped towards the sound. The room dissolved around me and I found myself in a grand hall.