I reappeared in Gaia's clearing. Trazie, Maia and Dulna were still entranced by the Earth in a bubble, but spun around as soon as I materialized.

"So, what'd you choose?" Trazie asked eagerly. "Are you going back or will you stay?" I felt my face heat up as three pairs of eyes watched me intently.

"I chose to stay here," I mumbled. Gaia moved around the globe, making shooing motions towards the girls.

"Come. Trazie, Maia, Dulna, don't pester Kathy. I'm sure you want to help set up for the ceremony. I'll take you to the Hall."

Intensely relieved to be left alone, I dropped down onto the grass to try and sort out my thoughts. I had chosen the Faery Court to live in. But what did that mean for me now? I knew it was the right decision, I'd felt like I belonged here since I arrived. But why did I feel that way? And – I jerked as the thought hit me – what in the world would my parents think? Hearing footsteps in the grass I looked up, and saw Danu walk into the clearing. She settled on the grass in front of me, her sable hair long enough to brush the ground.

"You have questions that you want answered."

"Yes," I said, even though she hadn't asked.

"Ask them, and I'll answer."

"Well, first, I think, I'd like to know why I was given the choice between Faery and Earth."

Her hazel eyes clouded for a moment. "Time has truly come far, then, for you not to even suspect why you are here. Have you heard of something called a changeling?"

I nodded. "A human baby who was switched with a faery one soon after birth."

"Correct. But an actual changeling is a bit different. Changelings are not traded with babies of humans. Changelings are rather chosen before birth to be born into the human world. Those who will be changelings make that decision themselves. Some choose it out of curiosity, some because they like Earth better. Whatever reason they use, when they are 13 years of age, they are called back into the Faery Kingdom. There, they have the opportunity to return to the fae. However, they must choose one or the other completely; there is no moving between the worlds. In ancient times it was done, that changelings had one foot in Faery and the other on Earth, but as beliefs changed that role was no longer possible. Now even traveling between the worlds is limited, though as time cycles back again travel may become easier. You have another question?"

"Yes. What happens with my parents, my friends, and even the rest of my family?"

"Here there are a few options. The one most often used is that all those who need to know are told the true story. These people are such as your parents, your close friends, perhaps your extended relatives. For everyone else, it is as if you moved away, or went off to boarding school. They remember you, but there was nothing odd in your disappearance. Does that sound like a good solution?"

"Very much. But, just curious, what are other answers?"

"Well, one is that everyone thinks you died. And another is that you disappear completely. Those are easier to create, but more traumatic in many situations. Another option is even that everyone knows that you came to live in Faery, but in your time that is not very practical."

I shook my head. "No, it wouldn't turn out very well. But how do I tell my parents?"

"I'll transport you to Earth. I know that in your time your story will be hard to believe, so I'll ease your way a bit. You're allowed to bring your parents, but for this visit no one else. Just call when you want to come back, and if you bring your parents, say so. Right now time is held in stasis in your house, meaning time is frozen. It's about early morning, and both your parents are in your kitchen. I will send you back to your room, and once you walk into the kitchen time will restart. Understand?"

"Yes." I stood up, brushing off my dress. "Ready." Everything faded to mist, and I was back in the center of my room. I rushed down the stairs and into the kitchen. Both my parents were sitting at the kitchen table, eating their breakfast.

"There's some eggs in the pan," my mom started to say. Her eyes scanned my outfit and wings. "Kathy, why are you in a costume? You have to go to school today. Though I don't remember you owning a pair of silver and green wings." Both my parents stared at me, and I felt my face heat up.

"Actually, it's not a costume. If you can change your view of the world for a moment, let me tell you the story." I pulled out a chair and sat at the table facing them. "Last night, my room was filled with moonlight and I felt like I just had to dance in it. As I was dancing, I heard this voice calling me…" Neither of my parents asked any questions through my recital of the past two days. They seemed slightly stunned, but also seemed to accept everything fully, and understand even what I felt I wasn't explaining well enough. I thought this was a bit odd – I had expected a harder time – until I remembered that Danu had said that she'd "ease my way." I guess that means making my story believable, I thought. And also helping them understand. When I was finished, we discussed the idea of them coming to live in the Faery Kingdom with me.

"I don't know, honey," my mom said, "wouldn't we feel out of place?" I thought back to what I had been feeling my entire life. I was accepted – fully accepted – but still felt out of place. I didn't want anyone to feel that way in the place that should be their home. So we agreed to treat my living in Faery as if I went to boarding school. I would be gone most of the time, but I could visit Earth and my parents could visit me. One thing they requested, though, was time to get used to the idea.

Travel is limited between the worlds, so there was only two ways to get this time. Either my parents visited Faery for a long while, or I stayed on Earth for a long while. We decided that they would stay in Faery. That way, they could learn more about where I was going to live. Plus, few humans ever get to visit Faery, so that would be a chance of a lifetime.