That is how I got here today. Everything is still new – especially since I just came to Faery nine days ago. My parents took vacation time on Earth, and they will stay in Faery as guests until Midsummer, about a month away. I will be able to visit my friends and parents about every two months, during special times when traveling between Faery and Earth is permitted. But now it's my welcome ceremony, and I'm being officially received in the Faery Court.

The Grand Hall is packed with fae, and my parents stand as honored guests at the front. I kneel on a cushion as Danu sprinkles amber light over my head and shoulders.

"Rise, Kathy," she commands. "We greet you as the newest faery. Welcome to the Court of the Fae." I'm grinning as I rise to my feet, hearing the crowd of fae cheer for me. I'm finally home.