I'm usually the kind of person in support of every 'holiday'(Holiday being in brackets since half of them aren't official holidays.). I love dressing in outfits to support it, doing everything I can to promote the spirit of the day. But the one holiday my spirit's are seriously lacking in is Valentine's day. On that day, the only thing I support is my friends' promotion of Anti-Valentine's Day. People get pissed when I say that, because apparently it's rude to those couples who participate in it, and if it bothers me so much I should just treat it as any normal day.

Being the kind of person that I am, I've tried all too often to treat it as a normal day. Unfortunately when everywhere you go everyone is busy shamelessly advertising and supporting Valentine's Day, you'd have to be blind and deaf at the same time to successfully accomplish ignoring everything and treating it like a normal day.

Besides, Us Anti-Valentiners (and I use the word Us because, contrary to popular belief there is a large group of us) aren't the only one's being rude on that day. Most of us are against Valentine's Day because it reminds us that we don't have anyone, and must face another 'Day of Love' wallowing in our own self-pity. So to see all these happy couples around us, even if we try to just enjoy the day with our friends, reminds us and depresses us even further. The couples flaunt how madly in love they are (whether it's LOVE or 'love' really doesn't matter, either way it's still flaunting that they have someone.), is pretty darn rude in itself. If they feel the need to have this day as a special day, they don't need to publicly show off the fact that they have someone.

There has not been a single Valentine's Day in my life, where, by the end of the day I haven't wanted to curl up in my bed and cry myself to sleep. Even before it was about love, back in the Elementary school days, where it was all about friends, the only Valentine's I ever received were out of pity from people. All the kids would have special messages on theirs from their friends. Mine would Just say 'To Tabbi'. That's it. Half the time I would even get something saying who it was from. And now, I'm one of the people who gets to sit there, being reminded of how no-one ever wants to be with me, while every other happy person in the world flaunts this fact in front of me. Although to me, this concept really doesn't make sense, since you know, according to every single guy friend I have, I'd be the perfect girlfriend. But then again, maybe that's why no-one wants to be with me. Because, as much as people claim they want the perfect thing, no-one deep down truly wants perfection, because perfection takes away from the fun and spontaneity of imperfection.

So once again, I'm left to feel depressed and face the loneliness that the fates have cursed me with for the rest of eternity. Maybe one day, somehow, the corporate assholes who feel the need to appeal only to the happiness of those who have someone will actually decide to make a holiday that will make the rest of us lonely unforgotten people actually feel good about ourselves for not having someone. Until then, we will continue our crusade to completely demote anything and everything about Valentine's Day.

So happy Anti-Valentine's Day everyone, and remember, the best way to celebrate it is to curl up on the couch and watch your favourite movie in a desperate attempt to forget the fact that you are doomed to be alone. Maybe you'll end up receiving that wish, which will make you much better off than I will ever be.