Wavy tears collection of Neptune's heart
In the midst of crystal waters
Creatures so beautiful, divine to see
Illuminate sailors, with frozen shards of frantic glee

Look at these dreamers that mystify the ocean for a cruel fee
Creatures from hell, voices soft ethereal musical
like ringing silver bells of ancient cree, spreading sweet scent of wonder
in those old rumored tales of tales - truth now retold to you and me.

Sailors, sailors,
Close your ears - they're unlike anything that you've
so far endeared. Lips of death, tranquil in beauty's light,
Singing a loving song, for the weak mortal soul to wreck and long

Under modern gaze, they are abstract, they are non-existant
Still they dwell this strange blue earth ever longing ever free

These beautiful sirens
Monsters, demons, birds?

Women of the cruel sea.