Ink and Paper

Descriptions: I was stuck at a library for a couple of hours and was…em…inspired to write a little ditty.

            Books. Books everywhere. I paced though the tiny library. I hadn't been here since I had first read a book of my own accord.  I ambled aimlessly through the isles. Without knowing it, I walked to the children's wing. Why here?  Because this is where my destination had been when I was last here. I ran my hands over thick and thin laminated spines. I smiled. Books I'd never seen, books I'd meant to read, and books I'd read so many times I knew them by heart. This one. I had cried over this one for weeks. Every time I read it, by heart broke along a familiar fault that ran deep inside me. The people I felt I knew were only characters of ink and paper, but they were real to me. Oh, God, they were real. My friends, my companions, my mentors that I had relied upon when I had no one else all those years ago. In those years, I cried more fore the sorrow of ink and paper that I did for my own desolation, which was plentiful. I could almost cry anew at the memories.

 I continued glazing over authors sand titles long since forgotten. Thick dusty volume. I caught a glimpse of a something recognizable. "Anne McCaffery" and "Anne Rice" more and more, Orson Scott Card and Andre Norton. And I stop at Phillip Pullman. Oh god, the emotions that washed over me, quickly skimming the spectrum of feelings his words evoked in me. My own copies were torn, dog eared and weary looking. My collection was missing a book which had been lent out. I ran my fingers over the spine affectionately. And I find another book; "Bone Doll's Twin."  The author is Lynn Flewelling, the writer of my beloved "Nightrunner" series. Her style is deliciously obscene and unusual and lively. . This is not a n author I expected to find in a library among dry, dusty, murky volumes. So I picked it up and sat down, delving into another world where I can vacation from the reality that forced me into the realm of ink and paper with its torment. For that, I can thank this reality, for it gave me another better reality to dwell in…for a while at least.