In Chaos
-Ron Smith

I'm cold and I'm lonely and I'm broken and I'm sore
I've lost my heart, my mind, my will, my soul
Pouring out liquid breath and cash dispense
For the lonely comforts of this misbegotten whore
Diseases scourging my body, memory destroying my mind
I feel a deeper darkness than ever before
Maybe I'll lose my life before it's done working its harm
Showing the world my pain but I live in the land of the blind
A bomb ticking away hidden in my brain awaiting the day
Forced into submission by the incompetent rage
Hiding my face behind my hands behind my mask
A chasm opening in my self mind will spirit words that portray
Default response standard in many ways used so many days
Fell for the hype and defined the dreams that kept me alive
Dreaming for the dream of a perfect reality living only for me