"The Man in the Cottage"

It is quiet here

In the forest, by the stream

When night has fallen.

A soft breeze blows, and

A whisper is in the trees

A whisper of hope.

The stars glint brightly

Against a blue-silver sky

Silently watching.

There is a cottage

Deep in the woods, though not far

Away from this place.

A man lives in it

With his wife and their baby

Their first child, a son.

They don't have a lot

Though the man works hard, and he's

Doing all he can.

He goes out each day

To a job with little pay

Trying to find hope.

He tries to believe

That things will get better if

He works hard enough.

Sometimes at night he

Sits under the stars and sings

Songs of hope, of praise.

I can hear him sing

Until finally, he laughs

And goes back inside.

Once I pitied him

Though now I wish I could be

As hopeful as he.

July 17, 2005

Author's Note: Just so you know in the 15th line: child is meant to be one syllable. This poem really sort of changed from what I had intended it to be, but I'm not really sure how well it turned out. I haven't written a haiku in quite a while, so hopefully I haven't lost whatever talent I used to have. Reviews are very much appreciated.