This is about a girl named Tara, who everyone called Tar. Please review
cause no one reviewed my last poem!
She was little doin' big things,
All alone in a world of gold,
Running through the feathers,
Never being told.
Like her mother's mother,
Like centuries before,
Wouldn't listen to the morals,
Got the key jammed in the door.
Stuck, solid, same steps again,
Little baby with blue eyes
Searchin' afar,
Black cement,
Molded on a heart,
No one would touch her,
Scared of her soul,
Never would admit,
She'd always play the leadin' role.
Blinded by her yellow dress,
Soaked through in the rain,
Too scared to just runaway,
And leave behind the pain.
Baby blue eyes,
Coal in her smile,
If only she could just,
Wait for awhile.
They want to say their sorry,
Wherever you are,
They love you now your gone,
You're not forgotten Tar.
No worries, Tar is not a real person, I actually got the idea from a school
play. Please review!