Staring at this blank page
Wondering what goes on backstage
This paper reminds me of my mind
Empty and plain and not hard to find
I can't read other peoples expressions
I can't lie and I'm not good at confessions

This whole world sucks and I can't escape
Severely broken, can't fix it with tape
Feeling so lost, confused, and misled
Still don't understand the things that you said
I don't quite get myself anymore
Got lost in my mind when I went to explore

I can't even write a normal poem now
It's almost like I forgot how
So many things I wish to express
Still can't decide so it turns out a mess
I'll crumple this paper and leave it to burn
I knew this wouldn't work, when will I learn?

Oh well, I'm done this all makes no sense
And I'm sick of people laughing at my expense
So scream what you will and think what you want
I'm going to ignore the talent you flaunt
Don't worry, I'm sure this is the last time
That I try and make a poem out of ramblings that rhyme