"Combine Opposites to Save Emotion"

Seeing as these days flow by,
Watching as this feeling flies
Seeing the shadow follow behind
Watching the darkness passes me by

Seeing empires rise and fall
Watching curses come to pass
Seeing love and love's opposite
Watching as the two combine

Seeing the combined fall
Back to a dreary existence
Which was once a lovely pasture
Of hope's sparks

Hate and hate's bane
In combination now
See the dark life which is now lead
See the light which hides beneath the bed

Fear that which cows the light
Fear that which sends the light into tremors
Despise that which blots out hope's sparks
And call the combined.

The combined will bring back
All that which is human
Light and dark
Night and day

Back with the combined come
Hope and despair
Blessings and curses renewed
The balance restored,

The combined fall
Back to their separate selves
As the empires before them
Gave as example.