Thank you for your honest reviews. I've been giving them all a lot of thought, particularly Miss Wendy's. Your right, it's not my best work. I had just vomited words onto a piece of paper and the outcome was something not even I would care to look at twice.
Miss Wendy was right with saying I was being selfish; maybe not where my family was concerned, but in my writing. I was definitely not giving the 110% that I normally give and I apologize for that. I have been in such a 'funk' (for lack of better word) since filing for divorce that I couldn't put my all into it, so I shouldn't have even tried.
It's like 'this one time at band camp'. No, no, no, where did that come from? It feels like an experience I had swimming in the ocean once. I had gone out a little too far and, while swimming back in, I got caught up in some waves. The waves kept taking me under again and again, scraping against the ocean floor and spiting me back up. If I had enough time to catch my breath on the surface of the water, I would yell for help, but my cries fell on deaf ears. Then something told me I should swim sideways and I did. It worked and just swam sideways for awhile until I felt it was safe to go into shore (and so I could adjust my bikini).
That's what it feels like I'm doing right now; swimming sideways until it's safe to go in. At this point it doesn't feel like it will ever be safe, but I know now where to start with this story. From the beginning.
So, bear with me while I take a good look at my past and myself, then delve into recreating it. I admit when I first read Miss Wendy's review, I was offended at being called selfish, but now I see where she and Spawnmeister666 and Birdaloo were coming from and I'm humbled to know that you all think enough of me to be honest.
Thank you all, again.

9:39 PM 5/15/2004