She had natural blond hair, blond as new fresh honey from the pot with light peachy cream skin. Her skin matched her beautiful green eyes that looked like ceramic shining marbles that gleamed like turquoise sea. She often wore tops that showed off her cleavage, not massive breasts, just enough so it looked sexy. When her hair was pulled down and lapped away from her neck, it made the waves in my stomach vibrate through my whole body. As I hid in the bushes, which usually seemed to be my new residence at night, I watched her brush her long silky hair. Her eyes shining in the mirror, I could see the cute smile forming on her face. It was almost like a half smile. an askew smile that looked like she was just smirking.

She departed from her mirror and perched on her bed. Sprawled on her bed was that dreadful girlfriend of hers that I wish I could have abolished. But I tried to cease any mental thoughts of slaying her girlfriend in her sleep and keep my attention focused on the beautiful blonde. She flattened out the wrinkles in her black nightgown, but barely noticeable. Although I realized the blonde seemed to be infatuated with cleanliness and neatness. As she latched the covers over herself she lay on her girlfriend's chest with brown tresses falling on her neck. I pictured myself being in that brunette's position and wished I could be the one she was holding so tightly.

I felt my chest compress with the anger curdling inside of me. I leaped from my spot in the bushes and left her my first note. I left it near the bathroom window, hoping no one else would pick it up but her. "To my infatuation, Ashera" was what it read. Even the thought of her beautiful name gave me a tingling sensation, "she who walks in the sea". I thought infatuation sounded obsessive already, but then again, "to my love" did not sound right because I hardly knew anything about her at all. I was just inquisitive and curious. I trailed off into the brisk night and went back home, hoping she would not crumple up the note or be too petrified yet.

Ashera leaned over to give her lover a hearty hug. "Mornin' sunshine," she smiled as her nose crinkled wrapping Briana in her arms. They lay there in silence for a while until the sun gleamed through the navy blinds and bounced off the cream color walls. Ashera could not bear brightness, especially in the morning so she hopped off of her bed and closed the blinds shut.

"Will you ever be able to stand the sunlight?" Briana asked, shuffling out of the bed covers to come up behind her to squeeze her tightly.

"Nope and don't ever ask me to." She stated, opening the drawer to find something to wear. Briana pouted and asked why Ashera could not stay at least for a few more minutes. "I wanna be early sweetheart. I like to sit up at front to see the board and the projector but the seats are usually taken."

Briana nodded and laughed "well maybe you wouldn't have this problem if you wore your glasses more!"

Ashera frowned. She despised wearing glasses because they simply gave her a headache and made her look like a knob anyway. "Nope, I'm not looking knobby for nothing. At least I still have my hearing, you don't."

"What?" Briana added jokingly.

"Very funny," Ashera laughed at her girlfriend's retort.

Ashera had a busy schedule at university. She just got accepted and worked hard for a scholarship, which she never thought she could obtain to do. But Briana pushed her beyond the line and eventually she was accepted. She took media studies, a wider range than high school that included article writing and film making, which she loved to do. She also had to take another English course as well to take media studies. She was interested in photography as well, but the class was full and she was on a waiting list for next year. She often snapped pictures of Briana as she took her to get- a-ways on beaches in various cities. One place in particular was a town beside their own, was a park in a town with hardly any population. Yet this park was so peaceful and secluded that it was Ashera's favorite place to go to be alone, or to be with Briana and capture pictures of her. The place was called "Chateau de Dreams".

Ashera stood in a stupor like pose with a blank look on her face. Briana looked at her questionably. The natural blonde crossed her arms, as if hugging herself to prevent herself from danger. She had a feeling she would have one of her. spells today. She brushed the thought away, as she usually did.

"Anyway sweetie, I better take a quick shower." Ashera said, grabbing all of her necessities.

"Can I join?" Her lover giggled with anticipation afterwards.

"Sweetie I said, quick shower! I'd never get out of there today." She giggled back and Briana pouted once again. "Hey don't give me that look, we'll have plenty of time later to fool 'round missy." That brought a quick smile to her face and she was satisfied as Ashera trotted to the bathroom. Before Ashera went into the bathroom, Briana grabbed her by the waist and placed her lips with hers. Hoping she did not make Ashera mad because she was keeping her from getting ready, her suspicion was conformed when the blonde's lips curved into a smile while they lip locked. She eased her tongue inside of her blonde lady's mouth, searching the rims of her walls and swirled her tongue around before she pulled away to let her get ready.

Ashera brushed the blonde tresses out of her face after she stripped bare of her clothes. Just as the tap temperature was warm enough for the shower, she noticed something peculiar sitting on the edge of the windowsill outside. She opened the window and she noticed the fancy handwriting, thinking it looked equivalent to Briana's.

"Dear Ashera (beautiful name),

I have seen you around, and I think you are the most beautiful creature I have seen. I don't want to scare you off, but there will be more notes.

From, An admirer."

She gulped as she read "admirer". She hid the letter under the vanity to hide from Briana. She did not want her worrying right now. "I'm sure it's no big deal." she contemplated, but then she thought "why was it by the bathroom? Was the person watching me? How did they know I live here?" She shook the negative feelings off for now as she stepped into the steamy haze. She brushed off the swarming thoughts that strewn through her mind.

Later on, Ashera rushed to get to the bus stop since she dropped all of her papers everywhere because she left her nap-sack open as her papers and books clattered everywhere. A girl with dark hair knelt down to help her pick up the books and papers. Ashera thanked her for her help and courtesy. The girl smiled, almost as if in a seductive yet cheeky grin. "No problem," she said, "anything to help." She then stepped onto the bus, going the same way as Ashera.

The blonde sat in the rearview of the bus and took out her discman, put the earphones on and relaxed in her seat as the music soothed her thoughts.

"It's not me it's not my. Family, in your head, in your head They're fighting With their tanks And their bombs And their guns In your head, in your head. They're crying"

The song by the Cranberries blared into her ears. The song was soothing but then she realized the song was about war and a lonely girl in 1916 after the war. that was not really a comforting thought. She tried to ignore the words and let the voices and music invigorate her. She looked out of the window at the snow-covered hills, and cringed at the fact how cold it was in Canada in the wintertime. But the snow glistening was surely a beautiful sight to her eyes.

She arrived at the university, not realizing that the girl who helped her pick up the books were going to the same class. She did not particularly trust strangers at the moment, so she only made brief conversation and made her way to the front of the classroom, propping herself down, sitting near enough to where the professor's desk was. She prepared herself, gather all of her books for media studies. Just before class started she looked into her tiny mirror, brushing her long blond hair with some raven tresses underneath the light hair color.

The professor walked into the room with a warm smile greeting the glass as he set his briefcase down on his desk. He leant over, getting his books and handouts ready, revealing his tall stocky figure. He wore a brown suit with a black tie and had his light hair tucked behind his ears. He was a younger teacher, about twenty-eight. He was enthusiastic and talked to any students that needed suggestions after the class. Ashera prepared herself for the lecture and got out her ringed binder. Ashera smiled and nodded as she took in the information for the next project, jotting down notes to remind herself since she had the worst memory. She felt uneasy in her chair and felt like her back was giving out so she set her books aside and they accidentally fell behind her. "Damn it, why am I so clumsy today?" She scolded herself mentally. It landed in a red head's lap and Ashera blushed. "I'm sorry miss, I'm really clumsy today." The red head smiled and handed her books back. "No worries. My name's Lyn," she said sticking out her hand for me to grasp it. She smiled almost nervously, "my name's Ashera." She smiled warmly at her and said, "that's such a beautiful name." With that she said, "everyone seems to think that. Thank you very much." She turned around and listened to the rest of the lecture.

Ashera decided to walk home hours later after her lectures, even if her legs were feeling a bit shaky. While she walked she heard distinct voices lolling around in her head. She looked behind her, thinking that someone was following her. She tried her best efforts to brush of the paranoid feelings, but could not. She felt her fingers become fidgety with nervousness, hearing too many sounds clattering at once. The sounds grew louder in her head and she bent down to the nearest try to rid the noises. First she looked around to see if any faces were watching, but any faces she saw just looked like blotches of evil smiles. She grabbed some grace, tightening her clench as she breathed heavily. She was having paranoid break down. She had them at times when she felt paranoid in public, around lots of people. She tried to stop her legs from tightening on the ground but it was too late, but her hands were the only body part that did not feel numb. She picked up her emergency cell phone that she called Briana on and dialed quickly. Briana answered, "baby are you okay?"

"Bri I need you here now," she spluttered out as she trembled. "Please I can't walk home on my own, please come and get me!" Briana's jaw dropped and tears made their way down her cheeks because she realized she was having a paranoid attack. "Sweetie where are you, do you know?"

Ashera looked around and tried to see if she could make out signs to clue where she was. "Um. I can't see. Um, Rackwa...rol.. rockwoo. Rockwood Park? I think, I don't know."

"Shhhh baby it's okay I'll be there don't worry, I'll find you." With that she hung up and Ashera eased herself against the tree and tried to keep her ears covered from any distant sounds.

Briana hung up and tried to calm HERSELF down. She clutched her face as she pictured Ashera's last public paranoid outburst. She was with her at the time, and Ashera seemed to have some paranoia with the public and refused to ever see a doctor about it. Lately recalled that the beautiful blonde did not have any problems being out on her own. As long as she stayed focused on her tasks and did not let the stares from people get to her. The stares occurred from people who knew Briana and Ashera were together and since it was Ashera's first year of university, more people found out and taunted Ashera with comments and cynical glances as she walked by. This happened to Ashera when she was little but she did not tell anyone when it occurred. Briana knew by now, it was time to see a doctor but she would not bring it up today to upset her.

Within a few minutes Briana arrived at the park, to see Ashera hunched on the side of the tree, hugging her own self tightly and trying to breathe deeply. She parked the car on the side and ran to her girlfriend with open arms.

"Don't touch me you freak!" Ashera wailed, covering her eyes. "Stay away, fuck you."

Briana knew she could not see clearly and grasped her in her arms, trying to confirm her lover that it was her whom was speaking. "Ashera my sweet it's me." With that Ashera grabbed her waist and lay against her chest. Briana noticed people were walking by with odd stares and glared back at them and gave some rude ones the finger. "My darling lets get you home and rested okay?" Ashera nodded, and the feeling in her legs came back. She lifted her up carefully off of the ground as Ashera's nails stuck to her lover's back like nails with her fear.

Briana drove to their apartment, trying to comfort her lady along the way. She removed the key from the ignition and got out of the car. She walked over to Ashera's side and picked her up in her strong arms and carried her all the way to the second floor while the girl cradled under her arms clenched her shirt tightly. "We're home my darling now lets get you in bed. She carried her to their room and set her gently down on the soft queen size bed and got some extra pillows for her arms and legs. Ashera had calmed down and was thankful that Briana was always there. Briana sat down beside her and held her left hand tightly.

I watched her lay in the position that made me ill to my stomach. I watched as Briana stroke the long blonde hair as it ran through the creases of her fingers. I wished again that I could be in that position and tried to block out my "evil thoughts" of torturing Briana. I just ignored her and focused on Ashera's heavenly figure while she curled up in bed and her blonde hair flowed on her shoulder. My infatuation grew stronger when I saw her in the park, having some kind of melt down. I realized the beauty had a fault, and she was perfect anyway. Her eyes were closed now but she lay like a peaceful angel asleep.

This time I left her a note, with a little drawing of herself on the end of the letter, which I concealed, in pink envelope. I left it at the same spot, near the bathroom window and hoped again that no one would pick it up but here. I wonder what she thought of me leaving the note anyway? I smirked to think maybe she was thinking of the possibilities of whom her admirer could be. So I did not want the vision of a sleeping Ashera to end, but I figured it was time to head home and just leave the note.

"Soon you'll know Ashera, soon." I mouthed to myself and headed home.

The next day Ashera woke up more eased, and she felt relaxed. She released herself from Briana's grasp, trying not to wake her up as she headed for the bathroom. She brushed her teeth and gave her face a wash when she noticed a pink ribbon dangling on the outside window. Curious, she went over to the window and yet another NOTE was there! Her heart pounded and she felt nervous. She opened the window and gathered the note with a pink ribbon. She remembered the fancy writing from yesterday, and the note she found as well. She opened it slowly and at first she gasped at the drawing she saw of herself. It was a drawing of her lying down on the bed sleeping, with a shadow figure clutching her. She could not making out if it was a man or woman in the shadow, but she did not care because all she could think about was who the hell left the note there. The note read:


You look like such an angel while you sleep. Don't be afraid. it's not like I'm going to kill you. I promise! I had seen you at the park yesterday, feeling sick dear? Briana is such a lucky girl to be able to take care of you. Until next time.

Your admirer."

She tried to hold in the screams, terrified that someone could be watching her while she slept. She did not know what else to think but decided to calm down, and not tell Briana about this after all. She figured Briana was stressed out enough having to take care of her if she had a spell of a paranoid break down. She did not want anymore weight on her shoulders so she put the letter back in the envelope and hid it in the vanity again with the other note. "Wait, hell the hell did the person know Briana's name? And how did they know where I lived?" She gulped hard.

"Morning sweetheart!" Briana said as she barged into the bathroom about to give her girl a hug. Ashera gasped and hid the notes as quick as she could so she would not see and turned around and greeted her lover with a smile.

"Hiding something from me?" She giggled.

"No sweetheart, I'm sorry, I just look. bad that's all." She lied, not wanting to hurt Briana and make her have more responsibility.

"You'd never look bad, you look gorgeous as always," she said and gave her a kiss on the lips. "Listen how about I start picking you up after uni? So you don't have to walk home or catch the bus, does that sound okay?"

That thought contented her and she nodded. "Yes, I'd feel more safe. Thank you Bri, I love you so much." Briana replied with "I love you too cutie." And they both fell into a deeper kiss and ready for the new day. Ashera had university, and Briana had a fulltime job at the graphic art studio down town and she promised to drive Ashera everyday from now on.

Ashera frowned, "I don't know if I want to go to uni today." She stated, going back into their room and sitting herself down on the bed while she looked down and fumbled her fingers.

"Sweetie, not everyday will be like yesterday. I promise."

Ashera sighed and looked into her eyes. "I know it won't, I don't know if I feel up to going today." Briana grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Why don't you just try it out for today, you don't want to miss any lessons."

She threw her hand away and shifted her eyes away from her gaze. "Stop pressuring me!" Tears rolled down her eyes and she covered her ears. "Stop it! Stop it!" She cried louder. Briana tucked her arms under her shirt and began tickling her gently. "Please don't be like that my love," she cooed and removed her hands from her ears, "I love you. I wouldn't pressure you to do anything. Do you want to stay home today?"

Ashera thought about it for a minute, and then remember the notes. She did not want to risk staying at home incase the person came to her window again. although the person came at night anyway and was probably watching all of her moves wherever she went. This only lead to more paranoid feelings but she tried her best to stay strong and not worry.

"No, I'll go. I'll be fine and I don't want to miss any lessons." Briana looked at her with concern, "are you sure? I wouldn't mind you staying in." She shook her head and replied, "no, no. It's fine I mean I don't want to stay here alone without you anyway."

"I could take the day off work if you wanted to."

"No, it's always a busy day on Fridays. You need to go."

"Alright gorgeous, but I promise to pick you up after uni, I promise."

Ashera smiled and felt satisfied. She also did not want to stay alone without Briana, even though she would stay with her. but being in public would at least give her some company with the minimal amount of people that she did know.

Ashera had a long droning day at university. All she could think about was getting home Briana and trying to push those thoughts of the note out of her mind. The vision of that drawing sprung into her mind, the shadow holding onto her. It made her shiver and wished Briana was there to hold her hand. For once she was bored in media studies as she sat in the middle row, drowning out the sound of her professor. She doodled, "Ashera loves Briana" with a loopy heart around it with stars clouding their names. She was never decent at art like Bri, but at least she tried. She felt comfortable in her seat as thoughts of Briana naked ovulated through her mind. The ache between her thighs was unbearable and she wished she were home now, making love to her.

"Can you give your insights about the film we reviewed yesterday Miss Greene?" A voice said beyond her thoughts, but the question repeated again. "Miss Greene?" She looked up from her notebook and realized everyone's eyes were pinned to her. "Sorry sir." And some of the class giggled. "Um, yeah. All I have to say is the film was poorly developed because they did not get inside the mind of the serial killer very well. They just seemed to make it look like he was a monster and pervert, and that was all he was. But I don't think he was, he was a human being just like the rest of us right? Right." She remembered the film yesterday about Gacy, and luckily she saved her ass on that one. "Thank you Miss Greene, very good opinion."

Then someone else raised their hand to disagree with my view, saying that all he was, was a monster like the movie portrayed. She stopped listening and did not think their opinion was relative at the moment to her. "Only a couple more hours." She kept repeating to herself.

Hours later, Briana was waiting in the parking lot, where a large water fountain lay situated on the fresh green grass. Ashera came rushing out of the main lobby when she saw her parked there and as soon as she got into the car she pressed her lips against her lover's. Shocked by the abrupt kiss, Briana took the kiss in and let her girlfriend's tongue explore her mouth as it always did. The blonde pulled away and said, "let's get home, I want you now", she said seductively. Appalled again, she started on the wheel burning rubber as fast as she could. "Well if you put it that way, you're going to have to stop me from going over the speed limits." Ashera giggled, and she kept giggling the whole duration that they were in the car while she stroked her lover's thigh and cooed "dirty talk" in her ear. As they pulled into the driveway, Ashera stole another kiss and tasted the strawberry flavored lip chap and her natural ambrosia taste. She pulled away and gesticulated for both of them to hurry up to get the hell up stairs!

Ashera settled herself in the bed as she linked her fingers with Briana's and pulled herself on top of her girl's tiny length form and teased Briana's jaw line with her finger. The blonde scrunched up her lover's medium sized skirt and rubbed in between her legs. Briana brushed the loose hairs out of her face and relaxed herself against the pillows probing up her back. Briana felt her lips become dry and she almost felt... nervous. She felt as if it was the first time again, making love to her "Sea Princess Beauty", which was what she nicknamed her long ago. The seductive twinkle in the blonde's eyes only made Briana more excited. The feeling of Ashera's hands teasing her thighs made her cheeks fluster with redness and she tried to breathe off the intensity she was feeling. Briana felt warmness spread through her whole body as Ashera worked her magic tongue on her soft thighs. Ashera felt as if she were playing the independent role and she loved to take charge of Briana's body as she took each piece of clothing off, exposing more flesh and soon Briana's body was revealed. The darker haired girl eased herself, and let Ashera take control.

"What's brought all of this on?" Briana asked curiously but with a warm smile.

"Because..." she stated in a low husky tone, "we haven't had a good one for a couple weeks now since I've been at university."

Briana nodded in mutual agreement and hushed herself as her lover's fingertips traced along her exposed flesh, eventually replaced by her tongue. Ashera felt her tremble underneath her, so she retrieved her hand from stroking her, to hold her back to support her. The blonde smiled and mouthed an "I love you" and cooed her lover and told her not to be nervous. She pushed herself up and eased out of her clothing and was soon lying atop of Briana. She brought her warm hands to Briana's thighs and played with the folds of her center. Uncertain if Briana wanted to go through with it, she gave her a questioning pensive look and Briana nodded for her to continue. Smiling from Briana's approval, she flexed herself so her back would not ache, and brought her lips to the now not-so-bold lover's moist opening and let her tongue do the talking. Briana gasped from the cold tongue that entered between her thighs and could not help but let a moan escape from her tiny pink lips. Ashera pulled away, teasingly snickering.

"So you do want it?" Ashera asked coyly stroking her folds once again.

Briana squirmed underneath her grip and pouted. "Y-Yes," she muttered under her breath and received a little slap on her ass as Ashera held her buns in her firm grip.

"I said do you want it?" She asked for a louder response from her lover.

"Yes! Lick me, make love to me Ashera." She winced and her thighs trembled and in between her legs were aching to be licked.

Without further ado, Ashera inserted her tongue between her legs again and received a sigh of relief from Briana as her tensed muscles began to relax and felt her lady's tongue slosh inside of her. She strained her neck to look down at her blonde beauty devouring her sex and propped up the pillows so she could see her better without straining. Ashera looked up to her and winked and her eyes were invested with lust and love at the same time. Her tongue hit her g-spot by pressing her it full force down on her clit and that made Briana squeal in delight. Briana traced her fingernails along the bedspread and she grabbed the tight sheets as Ashera sucked her clit gently with her teeth.

"You like it baby?" Ashera asked with her voice muffled because she was busy pleasing her gal and making her squirm from her techniques.

Briana nodded quickly and titled her head back, letting out an exasperated sigh and felt her knees become numb. She brought her hand to her mouth to prevent from screaming so loud, but she removed it and let all of her moans out.

"Moan for me my sexy slut." Ashera giggled as she licked away faster.

The words "sexy slut" made Briana quiver with excitement and she enjoyed her girlfriend talking dirty to her and moaned with pleasure as Ashera licked all the right spots. She felt her pussy tingle and soon a climax washed through her, and her muscles tightened around Ashera's feisty tongue. Ashera clenched her soft bottom in her hands as she licked away the juices from her creamy center. Briana lay still, breathing heavily and Ashera joined her side and hugged her tightly. The feeling of pleasuring her girlfriend Briana invigorated her and made her feel as if she was independent as of right now.

"I love you Bri." Ashera whispered in her girl's ear and Briana responded a few seconds later after she regained her breathing and responded with "I love you too my Ashera." Both laid in silence for a few moments and Briana propped herself up. She tugged at the blonde's black tight black t-shirt and asked if she would remove it, in a polite tone. Ashera pushed her back playfully and said, "I don't think so, I'm the one in charge here."

Briana was impressed with her boldness and lay back on the pillow. "So you're gonna make me beg for it huh?" Briana winked.

Ashera squeezed her nipples softly making Briana moaned and she moved atop of her, straddling her waist with her legs and bent down to kiss her. She nuzzled her neck with her nose and Briana giggled. Ashera whipped off her top and threw it carelessly to the floor and a matching lacey black bra was exposed. Briana's eyes bulged at the sight of the beautiful blonde's breasts cupped in a smooth lacey bra. Ashera unclasped her bra and threw it on the floor as well. After several minutes of teasing Briana, she stripped everything off, and the love making continued when Ashera reversed her position with her behind facing Briana. and they tangled together, giving each other pleasure. Nightfall began and both girls were making love for endless hours, devouring each other's bodies.

I watched as the two hungry lesbians devoured each other, and it only steamed me with a fury that I could not control. I felt hot tears roll on my cheek because someone else was pleasuring Ashera, and I wasn't. But as I stood there in the bushes, cramping my neck to catch a glimpse of Ashera's beautiful semi-tanned naked body. The sight of her breasts bouncing up and down as Briana made love to her, only made me more excited.

I retrieved my sketchbook from my bag and began to draw Ashera as her back now faced the window and I peeked in the blinds, trying to put her lovely figure on the page with my pencil. After quite some time, simultaneously casting glances through the window to see the blonde's figure, I finished the drawing. I wrote a lengthier note on it this time and folded it in half, placing a purple ribbon on it. I set it on the tree branch carefully so it would not blow off. I set off into the night, blushing at the fact that I saw the beautiful Ashera, nude!

Ashera woke up, a bit cramped and her body was tired from the previous night. and part of the morning. She seemed to be the one who woke up first all the time. She sneaked off the bed, attempting not to make a sound to demolish the beautiful sight of Briana sleeping and she stroked her cheek as she went to the bathroom to freshen up.

As if by some routine, a note tied with ribbon was settled on a tree branch by the bathroom window. She gulped hard, remembering that her blinds were open last night. had her "stalker" watched her and Briana engage in their lovemaking? Her heart raced and she wanted to run to Briana and cry to tell her what was going on. Soon her stalker might confront her, which only made her more of a nervous wreck. As they made love all night, Ashera seemed to forget about the stalker and the thought of the notes never once crossed her mind. She undid the window and snatched the note in her hands. This time the note read:

"To my horror, I hope I never have to see again what was displayed to my inflaming, hurt eyes. you making love to Briana. How many times were you at it last night? You really have no idea how fortunate she is, do you? Lucky her. By the way, I go to your university. You may see me walk by almost everyday. Maybe not. Another thing, I am a girl as well. Not like that narrows down your suspicions and your search of curiosity. Until next time."

Ashera was appalled to find a drawing of her semi-naked. Her back faced the front in the drawing, even a detailed sketch of her tattoo, the lesbian axe with the triangle. Her hands lay wrapped around her waist with half of her left breast revealed. She knew to close all the blinds at night now, in hope that her lady "stalker" would not watch her or even came back. She felt violated and someone was watching her sleep and make love to her girlfriend! She wished desperately that she could retaliate all of this to Briana but for once she decided not to depend on her one hundred percent.

She tried to act as if nothing had occurred and she shuffled all the notes in her nap-sack incase Briana had stumbled upon them. Except for the drawing that was clutched in her hands, the latest one. She felt by now that she depended on Briana more immensely since she had the anxiety stress and paranoia. This time she wanted to prove to herself that she could stay strong mentally. Ashera's parents always told her that she was their "special gift" and they never let her be independent. They watched her every move and never let her have time to try new things, hell, even learn to tie her shoes because they did not want her to fall. ever. They were too afraid of her being kidnapped and snatched away by strangers, since there were millions of missing kids everywhere, everyday. Her parents died when she was almost twelve, in a car pile up accident on a highway coming home from a vacation, while for the first time Ashera was left with a babysitter. She was sent off to live with her aunt and uncle, who were so busy with their own personal life and career, that they paid little attention to little Ashera's needs. She had to learn to be independent on her own, but it never happened. Briana came into life in her freshman year in high school, only three years after the car crash and she had her to depend on. Briana was always the independent one in the relationship and Ashera was comfortable and content with this because she never gained independence, but Briana always tried to teach her. she believed it would come in time.

Ashera stood against the wall as if hanging like her wall shelves, she let herself breath and think of a good endured time. Strings of colors formed in her mind, and they all altered into shapes she could now make out. Hundreds of green trees scattered on the landscape with rose bushes of pink, white and red ringlets of bouquets all entwined together. A water fountain centered in the middle of the park surrounded by tulips, lilies and more motley patterns of roses. The sunlight gleamed like gold coins scattered in the green grass. Vines hung and wrapped around streetlights and ceramic tiles below. These colors danced in her mind and she realized she was envisioning Chateau de Dreams. It was how it was usually situated and how it looked with the sunrise. She wished to transform her soul to the park, and lay there in the green grass with Briana as they set up a blanket for a picnic, and left her car on to listen to the radio.

As she snapped out of her daydream, she realized how quivery her hands were as she still held onto the semi-naked picture of herself. She wanted so badly to crumple up the paper. but she did not want it to be an omen for the future. Why? She did not know. She attempted not to even let a crease onto the paper and set it gently in her nap-sack. As she set it down on the side and let reality equip her, she heard the door slam. She looked out of the crack of the bathroom door discreetly to see Briana thrashing her art kit against the wall. To Ashera's surprise, Briana wrote in bold zigzag letters "FUCKING CUNTS" and the blonde quickly appeared in the next room.

"Bri what's the matter?" She asked timidly bringing her hand to rub Briana's shoulders but the fuming girl snatched her hand away.

"What is the fuckin' matter? I spent weeks makin' these new portraits to sell at the art clinic. They tell me my paintings are too cliché!" She hollered as she chucked her folder of portraits on the floor. "Fuckin' cliché! Like those stuffy old shits could do any better. Now I can't sell anything."

Ashera hung her head down nervously picking at the paint scabs on the wall, avoiding Briana's fury gaze. "I. I. I'm sorry." Ashera managed to stay, not aware of what she should say and did not want to make matters worse and lengthen Briana's temper.

"Sorry doesn't make up fer all the work I put into it!" She hollered once again and Ashera tried to reassure her that her that she was always mind blown when it came to her work but Briana ignored the compliments. "It doesn't matter. I can't make any sales, I always do, and that always helps out the rent. I put all that work into it Ashera, ALL THAT WORK!"

Ashera looked to the floor with a tear escaping her left eye. She quickly rubbed it away so Briana would not see it, or think she was some weak imp like she always felt she was. "I. I'll leave you alone. I'm sorry if I made you angrier." She made her way to the bedroom but Briana grabbed her arm, which made Ashera jumped with nervousness. Her grip loosened and she traced her finger along Ashera's arm.

"Listen," Briana started with an apologetic look on her face, "I'm sorry I lost my temper. I just put so much work into it sweetie. If I can't make a sale and they don't like it, that's their fault. But I'm glad you always enjoy my work."

Ashera nodded and accepted the apology. She was still a little shaky from her girlfriend's wrath but smiled it off. But Briana knew how much she hurt her and wrapped her arms around her tightly. She whispered to Ashera, "I'm sorry my sweet. I'm so sorry! You know I love you, I never mean to hurt my baby or scare her." A tear escaped her eye as well because she did not want to set Ashera off into another paranoia attack.

"Don't cry Bri, I understand why you got angry." She stated, still hugging her tightly.

"I shouldn't take my anger out on you, I'm sorry."

"No worries, it is perfectly fine."

Briana's temper triggered her memory about the stalker. She felt her heart palpitate fast and pulled away from Briana's tight grasp. She breathed hard and images of some tall figure plastered in all the pictures in her mind. This tall silhouette made her nervous and realized it was her stalker and tried to brush away the scary thoughts.

"My darling what's the matter?"

Ashera tried to redeem herself and stop herself from breathing so hard and Briana held her shoulders with a firm grip asking, "darling is it happening again? Are you having an attack?" Ashera held her chest that felt like it was clenching so tightly together. Soon all the images that were pounding in her had became all too much for her. She was then on the floor as blackness prevailed her vision.

To be continued