My life has slowly fallen
So much has caused the world to tremble
The earthquake inside my head has rose
Its continual beating is too much
It hums to the sound of my heart
The rhythms are much the same
Equal, in fact, to one another
It is my heart that quivers
Only moments, until it falters
Then my life will crash upon me
Its shards shall cover me
Consume my mere existence
Trying continually to rebuild
Taking time to breathe, it does no good
Stop the train running through my mind,
Though it is pointless, for it cannot derail
I've tried to move the tracks
Silence the shudders inside,
Escape the monotone activity
Its end was so close to my fingertips
If only to touch the completion of time.
Alas, the vibrations have become unbearable
The bricks break loose, and begin to descend
Whistling winds are heard as they fall
Immediately, the train is muffled
No longer does the quake stir
The sudden final impact is enormous
Though nothing is felt
For I was deceased long ago