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Risaisha: The Song of Lance Black

Chapter 1: A Demon's Inner Workings

Written By: Taichi K.

I watch as he unceremoniously drops his book bag onto the empty desk beside him as he takes his respected seat in class. He unconsciously tucks a silvery blonde strand of hair behind his ear and I find a smile tugging at the corners of my lips, feeling as though he had given me a special treat. Truth was, I didn't know why small things like that about him made me feel so happy. Happy? No. Happy isn't the right word at all. I'm a creature that can't feel happiness or joy or love… actually… I'm not sure if I can really feel anything anymore. Not even anger. This human body of mine isn't my own anymore. Hell, I don't even know if it's human anymore either. It belonged to a man who was long since dead, his soul torn from his body in a selfish and greedy attempt at eternal life. This body is hollow and feels no pain or sorrow. It feels no guilt or pride… nor does it feel happiness. The emotions you may see play across these features of mine are false. The true spirit behind them is gone. They are only there as a reminder that I was once human. They are there to remind me that I had given up everything to become an empty shell, doomed to live forever until my Final Purpose has been served. My Final Purpose? It's to destroy this beautiful young boy who sits in class, completely unaware of the darkness perched on a branch just outside of his classroom window on a cold Autumn afternoon…


Lance Black yawned and slumped froward in his seat so that his face was pressed into his worn leather book bag. In mere moments he had drifted off into a deep sleep that was only deepened by the teacher's monotonous drone about some war or another… Lance wasn't really paying attention in the few moments he had been conscious.

He probably would have started snoring any minute if an elbow to the side from someone off to his left hadn't interrupted him. His head snapped up and stared around a bit, noticing that everyone's eyes were on him.

"Uh… yes?" He asked suddenly, one eyebrow shooting up to his forehead so that it was covered by long blonde locks. Fuck… he though desperately, his eyes landing on his teacher who was glaring daggers from down the bridge of her long nose.

"Well, now that young Mister Black has once rejoined us in the land of the living, maybe he'd like to explain to us… how… Lance BLACK!" She shouted, walking over to stand beside his desk. His head had begun bobbing up in down in the futile battle to awaken and he was losing miserably. She sighed and closed her eyes before bopping him on the head with a ruler, earning a long stream of colorful language from the usually soft-spoken boy.

"What the hell was that for, lady?" He whined, rubbing the top of his head affectionately. She frowned and walked back to her desk and picked up the phone. "W-wait! What are you doing? You're not…"

"I'm calling your mother. You've been falling asleep lately in class and it's not like you. I'm just going to notify your parents…"

"Parent." He corrected, sounding wounded.

"…That you're behavior in class has been slipping." She continued as though she hadn't heard him. "Now, class, I'll be on the phone for a few minutes so please try and be quiet." She sniffed and turned around, dialing the phone without another glance.

For a few seconds everything was quiet and Lance could feel every eye on him as though they were needles before the chaotic sounds of gossip and pagers filled the silence, the teacher completely engrossed in her phone call to Lance's mother.

Lance sighed and buried his head in his hands, his stomach twisting into fine little knots. He could just imagine his mother's disapproving shrieks and his step-father's haughty chuckles from the corner sofa where he usually sat so that he could observe Lance's embarrassment at being slapped around by his mother who was a puny 5'4 to his 6'2.

He glanced up and groaned inwardly when he saw that his teacher was still talking to his mother. He was really going to be in for it when he got home.

It wasn't his fault he was falling asleep in class so much… he just couldn't sleep anymore. There was always this distinct feeling that ripped at his insides telling him he was being hunted. If you think about it, you wouldn't be able to sleep either.

In the moments he was able to find sleep, he was plagued by dreams of burning amber eyes, staring into his soul and destroying it little by little without any effort at all. He never remembered the owner of those amber eyes and Lance wasn't quite so sure he wanted to. He could only remember the sharp pain that shot through his heart when that amber eyed someone would come near him… a pain that lingered even after he woke up sweating in his bed, his sheets tangled around his legs in a binding manner.

But the pain and fear aside… there was always one sentence that stayed with him as he woke up. It haunted him every morning at breakfast but was then forgotten as quickly as it had come, only to return the next morning, a smooth, somewhat sad voice reciting the words to him.

It hurts… doesn't it? But I wouldn't remember…

Lance's eyes widened and darted around the classroom, panic pumping through his veins. Everything was frozen. Only seconds ago everyone was alive in animated conversation and now they were all still, seeming to have been frozen in whatever they were doing. His heart was beating so hard he swore he could have heard it because he sure as hell felt it.

It hurts… doesn't it?

The voice sounded through the room, soft and silky, laced with a humorous sort of pain that only made the tension in Lance's shoulders more painful. He opened his mouth to shout for help but only succeeded in making slight rasping noises as his lungs were hit with a burst of icy cold air. What is happening? He thought desperately, his eyes burning and dry from the cold air. He felt as though he were plunged into the ocean and was slowly drowning. Blackness seeped into his vision and everything was spinning out of focus. Slowly a loud screeching sound filled his head and Lance clapped his hands to his ears in a futile attempt to shut out the painful noise. Everything around him felt as though it had melted away, leaving him in the darkness with the loud screeching sound.

He curled into a ball on the ground, his arms now wrapped around his head, his own screams of agony now accompanying the shrill shrieks as though he were trying to drown them out. His efforts were in vain as the sound continued.

Suddenly, the screeching stopped and it took him a few minutes to realize that it was his own voice that was left. He tried to sit up but found himself unable to move. He felt an aching chill in his limbs that steadily began a stabbing pain and he once again began screaming, a blood-curdling sound that he wasn't aware he was capable of. Lance had never desired the sweet quiet serenity of death as much as he did at that moment.

It hurts… doesn't it? But I wouldn't remember…


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