This one's a bit jumbled, if you hate it, I understand. I basically had a
fight with my mum, and just was channelling my anger into a different kind
of story thing. PLEASE R&R

Some-thing inside me
is pushing for salvation
But the dark of my soul
Says hide in isolation

Once you broke me
I'll never be whole
Never once wore that Crown
That in night, you stole

Taking my pride
My smile, my guilt
That once was denied
When my blood, was spilt

I'll never question
Those feelings, frozen inside
I'll never tell a soul
That at night I cried

Bound my arms
Chain me to hell
I'll never let one slip
I never will tell

How you slit my heart
You tortured my mind
You burned my innocence
You made me but blind

You killed my soul once
I'll seal with a kiss
Point that gun to my head
But this time, you'll miss