She sat back on her heels
And read the letter twice again
With the devil, she promised herself,
She'd make no more deals.
She looked at him in the eyes
And knew she couldn't keep her vow
She'd fallen for him once again
And told him even more lies
She sat on her bed
All teary- eyed she pondered
Over her fate in this world
She wished she was dead
This has got to stop
Her friend told her again
Forget him. He isn't yours
Her heart, slowly, began to drop
A fantasy life no more
In this world she'd no longer live
She promised herself to not let this man
Keep her from walking out the door
A fantasy life she lived
Her whole mortal life
And now outside the barrier
With herself she was rather miffed.
In the world of games and play
She had forgotten her past
She kept telling herself
In this life, just one more day
Now here she was all alone
Not knowing how
To spend her life
She'd left all she'd known
Secrets came out she'd never dreamed
Would have found their way
Secrets came out she'd always prayed
Would stay hidden, as she had schemed.
The pain arose from deep within
A place once closed away
A place now opened
Her wounds showed on her skin.
The girl was scared
She knew not what to do
Her true life was but a nightmare
For which she was not prepared.