Chapter 01

At William Tenner High School, Free Study Sophomores Allison Harre and Rebecca Rider bent over 'True Wishes' magazine. This glossy magazine was very popular with the ladies because not only of the latest fashions, but also because of their three main male models that only did that particular magazine. Allison, a true prep was in love with the clothes and guys showering the pages of True Wishes but Rebecca was more punk than prep. She never gave much of a glance to those types of magazines as she rather pick up a good novel instead. Those two girls were just another example of opposites attracting to be the greatest of friends.

Allison said with a sigh, "Oh wow, look at that those boots! I swear, if they didn't cost two months pay I would buy those babies in a second."

Rebecca said, "Allison, I think calling boots 'babies' is the first sign that you have gone nuts."

"I haven't gone nuts, I just think those boots kick ass," Allison said turning the page, "Oh my god, look at this!"

Rebecca looked at the page Allison squealed at. A guy about their age with thin brown hair and golden eyes wore a tight tank top with a number '86' on the front, tight blue jeans, tan sandals, and a necklace with a diamond stud hidden in the chains. Rebecca looked at him with wonder as if she had seen him before. While looking at this magazine with Allison, Rebecca usually just looked at the jewelry or anything that would suit her, but had never really taken a good look at the models. He is cute, Rebecca agreed as she studied the picture, but she couldn't shake off the feeling that she'd seen him before. Maybe it was in another issue, she convinced herself.

"Ok, ok, I know he's hot, but no need to drool over my brand new issue," Allison said, giggling at her friend's embarrassment.

A faint tint could be seen on Rebecca's cheeks, "Whatever. I'll give him the credit that he is endearing but I am not attracted to him."

"Sure, darling, that's why you're blushing," Allison said quickly running as the bell rang.

Rebecca gave chase down the halls, now bumping into other people as they made their way outside the building. Rebecca soon gave up when she saw her friend run to the parking lot through the window. Allison could be such a ditz and a friend at the same time it was always funny to see her that way. Glancing at the clock, Rebecca headed off to the locker room so she could change early as always for track practice.

Once changed Rebecca went outside and started running her mile warm up to get her blood flowing. It was rather chilly for spring that day, but Rebecca didn't mind at all; it was better than being inside like for winter track where all the guys staying after would gape at the girls running. It was nerving because unlike the rest of the girls on the track team Rebecca didn't get any hollers of ecstasy or catcalls. Rebecca wasn't fat nor skinny, just built; she liked to keep in shape, and that made her a bit bigger than most average girls in the muscle department. At William Tenner guys went more for skinny and small than tough and big like Rebecca. Because of this Rebecca didn't have much experience with guys, just a kiss on a cheek or a hug for a guy friend.

As the other girls arrived to run, Rebecca began to stretch, but soon stopped when her friend Jason Peart waved her over to the fence. Jason was a player who had befriended her when she first moved to this town, mind you only at first to get connections to all of her girl friends. Beside the fact that he was playing Rebecca most of the time, he was a good friend who listened to her problems and vice versa, especially when his little brother had died a few months ago. It had been a hard time, and while his three girlfriends and all of his other friends had left him, Rebecca and Jason's other best friend, Kale Jinzo, were there for him in his time of need. Jason was deeply moved by this act of kindness and friendship, and decided on that same day not to hurt her in any way. Same with Kale, who was already on good terms with Jason.

Jason smirked when Rebecca reached him, "Hey gorgeous, pumping those firm legs to the max I hope."

Rebecca smacked him lightly, "Hello to you too. What do you want now?"

Shocked, Jason said, "How dare you. Can't I say hi to one of my best friends?" Rebecca gave him her 'I'm actually serious' look. "Fine. I wanted to know if your friend Halley was single."

Rebecca asked, "Party, or just a plain date, for once?"

"Derek's Party, but I have taken girls out on dates before not for my reputation, mind you." Jason said, a bit annoyed. Rebecca smirked and before she could question him further to proved him wrong, he changed the subject, "So can I walk you home after practice? You know to talk and such."

He gave her his famous puppy dog look and Rebecca crumpled. "I guess. Dad is working later tonight again so I guess you can come with me. I'll order something out then."

Giving her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Thanks luv, see ya later."

Walking back to the team circle, Rebecca went back to stretching. Whilst thinking about her plans for tonight, a short black-haired girl in taut clothes came over. If you wanted to mark a bitch at William Tenner, Karen Jenson would be one of the top three. She was a preppy little daddy's girl, her father ran a shipping company, so she had always money to spare. Rebecca never gave Karen any trouble, except being Jason's friend, which Karen hated.

"Yo slut, who do you think you are, talking with Jason?" Karen said snobbishly.

Rebecca raised a brow, "Excuse me?"

"You heard me right, you have no right to talk to Jason," Karen said with one hand on her hip.

"Jason is my friend, and friends talk right." Rebecca stood up towering over the petty girl but that didn't make Karen back down.

Karen rolled her eyes, "Duh, but you aren't beautiful enough to talk with him. You are just a fat bitch wannabe that Jason talks to out of pity. He doesn't like you, he just has to get a few hours for his community record."

Rebecca winced. Before Karen could make the final blow the coach called everyone to practice. Rebecca didn't cry, but it had made her feel ghastly. Many of her friends did notice her builtness but had never said anything about it, knowing it would hurt Rebecca's feelings. By the time practice was over, Rebecca just wanted to go home and lay on the coach eating pizza and watching the movie channel. But of course faithful Jason was waiting as soon as Rebecca came out of the locker room (gaining her some glares from Karen and her crew). Rebecca pretended to be happy and the same as always, but Jason noticed her changed air.

As they walked Jason asked, "Are you alright?"

Rebecca grinned and poked Jason in the side to distract him. He frowned and tried to poke her back but she went off running as if Jason was a killer wolf. Running after Rebecca he laughed heartily but then stop shortly when he reached her house. Rebecca, who was bumped behind Jason's back, turned where he was looking and also stared. On her porch were three handsome guys. The guy lying on the steps had brown-streaked blonde hair in a small ponytail and forest-green eyes, and wore a black t-shirt with sparkles going across the middle, black shorts, sallow sneakers, and a dangling earring in his left ear. The guy sitting on the top step had black, spiky hair with green dyed tip and striking blue eyes and wore a green shirt, tight black pants, buckle boots, and many bracelets on both wrists. The last guy standing was wearing a plain white shirt and blue jeans, and actually was the boy Rebecca had seen in the magazine, which surprised her greatly. However just having three hot guys at her porch surprised her just as well.

Jason came up next to Rebecca and whispered, "Do you knows these guys?"

Rebecca shook her head and began to walk into sight of the guys. The blonde haired boy saw her and ran to her, practically jumping right onto her. Rebecca, taken aback, ducked and threw the guy over her shoulder, astonishing the other two guys, who also stood and came over.

The blonde guy said, "Damn Reba, you sure know how to greet a old friend, eh."

Rebecca froze. Only her best best friends long ago called her Reba. She didn't know these guys, did she? Jason took some action and stood in front of Rebecca. "Who the hell are you guys, and how do you know Rebecca?" Jason asked sharply.

As the brown hair guy helped the blonde up he said, "Jealous boyfriend, tist tist. Reba, don't you remember us?"

Rebecca stuttered, "I don't know you, and," She looked at Jason, "he isn't my boyfriend."

"I'm her best friend," Jason said haughtily, "So if Rebecca doesn't know you I suggest you get out of here before I make you."

The black-haired guy said, "Hmm, pretty over-protective friend but I guess when we were younger we were the same." He chuckled. "Okay, if you can't remember our faces maybe our names will give you a hint. I'm Damien Chez."

The blonde-haired guy grinned. "I'm Cameron, your sexy hunk who always loved to play with your hair, and that hasn't change one bit." He winked.

The brown-haired guy smiled softly, "I'm Josh. We are your childhood friends from California, remember now?"

Rebecca thought about it. She did have three boy friends back in California when she was little, until she moved here at age ten. They did have the same names as her old friends, but those boys had been so small, and these guys were so musclier? This was confusing for Rebecca and both Jason and Damien saw this and tried to comfort her by placing a hand on each shoulder. When they notice the action of the other one they stepped back though. They glared at each other until Rebecca snapped her fingers.

"I know if you guys can answer questions only my old friends would know, I'll believe you," Rebecca said.

Josh said, "Ok, ask away."

Rebecca thought, "When I was seven, I rode my bike down this one hill and scarred my what?"

Josh laughed. "That's easy, you got a small scar on your right shoulder, barely visibly, when you fell on a sharp rock."

Rebecca nodded, then turned to the other two. "What was the theme of my sixth birthday party?"

Chuckly, Damien answered, "It was a Rainbow Bright/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because we always teased you about how Rainbow Bright was so girly. We all got dressed up as the four Ninja Turtles but your outfit was pink instead of red."

She nodded, blushing. "Ok. Cameron, what is my Chinese zodiac animal?"

Cameron jumped up and down, being super hyper and silly at the same time, "I KNOW! The cat, because once you heard the old folk tale I found for you about the Chinese zodiac you felt soooo sad because the cat didn't go to the party. So you said you didn't want to be a dragon anymore. You wanted to be the cat. And I bet you still are, right?" He grinned.

Rebecca squealed with delight and flung herself around Cameron's neck, hugging him tightly. They both jumped up and down with happiness until Josh took his turn for a hug. Jason had looked from each guy to Rebecca with a bit of jealousy.

After hugging Damien, Rebecca said, "I'm sorry I forgot you guys. How have you been?"

Damien said, "Pretty good, now that we've found you and we're making good money with our jobs."

"That's great to hear. So where are you guys staying, and for how long?"

Josh rubbed the back of his head, "Well, that's the problem. We were so happy to finally get to see you after so many years that we didn't book a hotel."

"We have money for sure," Cameron added, "But it seems there is a big event for something that is taking up all the hotels in this area."

Jason, who finally came out of his shock, mused, "Ah, it's the Star of Champs. Figures that it would be booked this year with our new football team and all."

Damien, Cameron, and Josh stared.

"Star of Champs?" Damien asked.

Rebecca grinned, "Yeah. Once a year all the best athletes come to find out who the best of the best is in the state."

Jason came up from behind Rebecca and patted her head, "And our own little miss wonder gal is a shoe-in for shot-put."

Rebecca blushed and turned her head. She didn't think she would win first place, but she couldn't help but admit that she was good. Rebecca wasn't on the track team for running but for throwing. In winter she did shot put and in spring she did all three field events- shot put, javelin, and discs. In ninth grade she had gotten a hang of it and soon it was about they only thing in the world that she did that made her feel special. Rebecca did have other good traits but no one ever noticed them, when she threw people notice and paid attention to her, even if it was for a short while.

Rebecca's childhood friends were a bit perplexed. The Rebecca that had left them had been a tiny, outspoken girl but now she was built, strong and insecure. What could have made such a change in her after these years? They never knew she had changed so much, but so had Cameron, Damien, and Josh.

"Well, enough about me; if you guys have no place to stay I guess you can stay here."

Cameron pumped his fit into the air, "SLEEPOVER! This is going to be so much fun, just like old times!"


Everyone stared at Jason. He really didn't like how these guys were so chummy with Rebecca. She was his friend and no 'I used to know you in the early days' was going to take his friend away from him.

"Rebecca, you can't let these guys stay with you. What is your dad going to say? You know how he can be sometimes."

Rebecca frowned. Yes she did know how her dad could be. Her father wasn't a cruel man but after his wife had left him he had became very strict, especially with boys wishing to date his daughter. He didn't mind Jason or Kale because before Rebecca could hang out with them he had made sure those two boys had came over enough times to see how they really are. There was a slight chance Rebecca's father would remember Josh, Cameron, and Damien, but after his wife had left him, he had rarely tried to remember anything from their past.

"That's right. Dad is going to be away for a few days but I bet he is going to check in every night." Rebecca said. "But if you and Kale came over, maybe he won't mind as much. You wouldn't mind, would you?"

Rebecca gave Jason a sad look, not as good as his own, but it still made him feel sad and gave in. Rebecca hugged him and then dragged him inside to call her dad and Kale. The other boys followed, glancing at each other in wonder. After not seeing their friend for a long time, some emotions that laid clandestine had suddenly started to stir. The little girl they had once know, was now a curvy young woman. Could their friendship of love grow something even more?