A young girl, about ten-years-old, stood in a dim lit room. Her bright, blue eyes stared out the window, a bright and sunny day, contrasting with the room she was in.

Outside, Cameron and Allison, same age as the little girl, played Tea Party on the grassy yard. Allison, as a child, wore a light pink dress with her strawberry-blonde hair done up in pigtails. Cameron, on the other hand, wore torn jean pants and a green t-shirt with a yellow duck on front. The two of them sipped on water, pretending it to be tea, with tiny china cups as they playfully talked about child-like play matters.

A small, pale boy, with black chinese clothing, ran past the window; kicking a soccer as he ran. Another boy they passed by, chasing Kale joyfully, with a red windbreaker and jeans. They stayed within sight of the window, running in circles around Cameron and Allison.

Allison stood, with her hands on her hips, and yelled something to the boys but inside, the little girl, younger version of Rebecca, couldn't hear what she was saying. Rebecca came closer to the window, to have a better view of the yard. Cameron was now playing with Jason and Kale, leaving Allison alone to sit and watch them run, laughing at them.

Suddenly, two taps on the window panel surprised Rebecca, making her look down. Two young boys, one wearing a long sleeve, blue shirt and the other which he wore an orange t-shirt. The orange t-shirt lad carried a thick book under his arm, and peered up behind oval rim glasses. The other boy grinned up at her, and behind him Rebecca could see a black/silver bike carelessly laying on the grass.

Damien opened his mouth, to talk to Rebecca, but she shook her head to tell them she couldn't hear. Josh pointed to something behind her and she turned. Two doors appeared, the left was of soft wood with a brass knob and the other on the right was black with a glass tinted window and knob. Rebecca looked back towards the window to see it and her childhood friends gone. She stares at the two contrasting doors until someone stood beside her. Both younger and older versions of Rebecca stood side-by-side, just gazing at the doors.

The young Rebecca turned to her older self, "It's time to leave this place. I've been surrounded by these four walls too long."

Teenage Rebecca asked, "Do you know where these doors lead to?"

"No. But if my mind fails to help me choose, i'll go alone with my heart tells me."

They both opened the door together, and took a step in; see the smiling face of..........


Rebecca woke with a start, sweat soaking her pajamas and blankets. She took a few moments to calm her heavy breathing and to shift her eyes into focus.

A bad dream? She thought.

She got out of her bed and went to their hotel room's mini kitchen. There, Allison sat with a cup of coffee, staring dreamingly out the window; a view of Paris anyone would gasp at.

"Good morning, Allison," Rebecca said, sitting at the table.

Allison grinned, placing her cup down; her celestial bracelet sparkling with the coming rays of the sun. "A very good morning indeed," She said.

Rebecca smiled, "I'm guessing you and Cameron are together now?"

"You were in on it?"

"Cameron only told me to buy you a dress. The rest of them planned everything out. So how was last night?"

"Ah!" Allison giggled, "It is a night I will never forget. Cameron was so handsome suave, it's a shame he can't look like that all the time."

"You said before his cute, puppy self was the hottest thing you have thing you have ever seen, and he should never change."

"Well, he should be cute and playful during the day and formally handsome on our dates then."

Rebecca laughed, "It sounds like you guys will be happy together."

Allison became serious, "What about you? Are you ready for tonight?"

"......I, I don't really know myself," Rebecca said, a bit down-hearted. "What I do know is that this decision between Josh and Damien would have came one day, I just never expected to be pushed forward from a fashion manager and to be announced my love in front of hundreds of people."

"A truly evil deed that man has commented. But, not to push you or anything, have you choose one of them?"

Rebecca said softly, bowing her head, "Yes. Last night I dreamed everyone, even myself, as a child. I was in a small room with on window and you and the guys were playing outside. Then the window was gone, and it was replaced by two different design doors. Me, as my own age, came next to my younger self and then we opened one of the two doors together."

"I would be a bit worried about you if you have any more dreams about your friends as children."

"Allison," Rebecca said sternly.

"I'm kidding! So what? The doors represent Josh and Damien?"

"And the life I will live once I walk into them."

"Wow. Deep."

"Allison, this is serious!"

Allison hugged her, "I know. Just trying to lighten the mood a bit. Now, from what I see you have already chosen who you will, you know, be with."

"Yes. I just don't know if I can let the other one down gentle enough not to be anger with me."

"Rebecca, look at me." Rebecca turned to face Allison, "For once in your life do not, I repeat, do not think about anyone else but yourself."


"Not buts. Tonight, you are going to choose your first boyfriend. Yes, you were pressured into it. Yes, you are going to show your feelings in front of fans and the media. But after tonight you won't ever meet these people again. Tomorrow, you'll be leaving France to go back to America with a boyfriend on one arm and a gift basket with the other."

Rebecca laughed, silent tears flooded her face.

Allison brushed some away, "The only person you need to worry about is yourself. You are a selfless person, a good trait to have, but not one you need tonight."

"Thank you. I guess you're right....."

"I am right."

They laughed hard and long.

Allison glanced over at the clock, once they stopped laughing, "10:20. Yikes. I told Cameron we would be in their dressing room by five. Lets go clean up and go, okay?"

"Okay," Rebecca said, sincerely smiling.

The girls then quickly showered and dressed, and only stopped to have brunch. Taking the bus to the building where the show would be held, the girls arrived at 4:45. With a quick flip of their backstage passes, they soon found the dressing room with all three of their model friends in robes, waiting.

Allison asked, "Where's Kale and Jason?"

Cameron said, coming to her, "They said it was creepy staying in a room filled with robe men. I think they both went to find seats in the audience."

Damien snorted, "I bet they went over to the girl's dressing rooms, to check out the female models."

Josh said, "Hush you."

Cameron hugged and pecked Allison on the lips, "You don't think I'm creepy in a robe, right?"

Allison winked, "I like me men wether they're in clothes or not."

Damien, Josh, and Rebecca said together, with a groan, "Lovebirds."

Josh picked up a bag, and handed it to Allison, "Here are some clothes we all picked out for you guys. We need to get ready so you and Rebecca can change in one of the girl's dressing rooms."

Allison smirked, "Trying to get rid of us already? Fine. Fine. We'll leave you boys to dress up."

Allison pulled Rebecca out, and shut the door. Getting directions from a nearby stagehand, the girls found an empty room to dress in. The outfit Cameron picked out for Allison was a medium checkered skirt and a white blouse with red ribbons sitched along the sleeves and back. Rebecca's outfit, picked by Damien and Josh, was a long, feathery, blue and yellow sun-dress with banbo sandals.

Rebecca twirled the dress around, making it fanned out, grinned. Allison, also pleased with her clothes, traced the ribbons down her arm and smiled. The two of them waited near the curtains and listened to the introduction being made. Rebecca stared out into the audience, of umfamilar faces, until she found Kale and Jason talking with two girls sitting next to them. Jason glanced over and saw Rebecca and Allison looking, so he waved and gave them each a wink.

Allison squeaked as someone wrapped their arms around her waist and squeezed lightly. She turned and kissed Cameron and admired his stunning form. He showed off his 100 cotton shirt that had bold geometric stripe print, mist cream color body with blue print, that was close to a body fit; plus tight jean pants with leather strings holding up the two sides together, from the ankle to the thigh.

Allison admired him, "Wow. My man sure knows how to clean up, huh."

"You better believe it, babe," Cameron winked back. "I get to run down the stripe first, then Damien and Josh with Rebecca to make their big announcement. But you're coming with me."

"Why?" Allison asked. "I've got no reason to come with no. I'm shy in front of cameras."

Rebecca said, "She's lying, Cameron."

Cameron kissed Alison's forehead, "Don't you worry m'dear. I have my own little announcement to make as well. I just want you there, by my side, for support. You aren't going to say no, are you?"

Allison sighed, "Of course not. But you owe me big time."

"Owing you anything isn't a bad thing."

"Cameron, you have three minutes till show-time," Damien said coming behind Rebecca with Josh in toll.

Damien wore another tight fit, novelty sweater with graphic, white snake detail, with a new pull through yarn technique, on the right side; and soft, rumpled look, leather pants that had an adjustable belt bucket on that back of them, with metal chains coming from it. Josh, on the another had, wore a cream rib sweater with dark brown color side tape that had functioning side buttons that went from the neckline to the bottom; also with a darker cream colored pants. This time Josh also wore his thin, steel rim glasses to go with look.

Rebecca blushed as the sight of Damien and Josh in their model wear, knowing her decision was getting harder by the minute to stand by.

A black fitted stagehand tapped Cameron on the shoulder, signaling his time to go.

Cameron clasped his hand with Allison and pulled her to the curtain. "Make sure you watch my performance you guys."

Cameron and Allison shifted around the heavy curtain and at once all the lights and cameras were aimed on them. Allison, shy of the attention, stepped back, but Cameron started walking casual forward. He walked, smiled slowly as he was trained to do, at the blinding, flashing cameras and audience screaming at him and his girl. They made their way to the end where a microphone was placed, intended for Rebecca that night.

Instead of turning around like he was supposed to, Cameron took the microphone in one hand, and held unto Allison's with the other. "Bonjour à tous. Before our main event starts for tonight, that I know everyone has been waiting for, I have my own little announcement to make of my own." All the media immediately their cameras and their own microphones to the pair on stage. "As all of you know, Richard Pucci, has been our Head Manager since the beginning Damien, Josh, and I joined with True Wishes. I've had no serious complaint with Mr. Pucci until his little show with my lady love," Cameron glanced lovingly at Allison, "And my very good friend. So from here on now I resign as a Model for Richard Pucci and True Wishes Magazines."

Cameron waited for the commotion of the audience to calm down. "It is true, I am giving up the modeling business. However, I am now wishing to enter the world of acting, with my lady love on one side, and my new Head Manager Amy Jarnarl on the other. So, anyone who wishes me to be in any movie or television show, please call Amy. Thank you for your time."

Cameron turned and lead Allison back behind the curtain, but not before liplocking her at the back of the stage for the media.

Damien and Josh patted Cameron on the back. "Nice going out there," Josh said.

Allison leered at Cameron, "You are going to tell me what that was for, right?"

Cameron grinned, "One- Payback for what Richard had to enforce on Rebecca and my buds. Two- To get out of the modeling camera and into the acting spotlight. And three- To prove who you belong to."

"I'm an object then," Allison said, smiling. Then she frowned, "Wait. Acting? I never knew you liked to act."

"Ah, short story- I had a very traumatic reason to quit acting when I was younger. I promise to tell you the long reason later. I just thought you were a fresh start in my life, and maybe with your love I could go back to what I love doing without being afraid anymore."

"Aw, thats so sweet and kind of you to say."

While the two lovebirds kissed each other, Rebecca approached Damien and Josh carefully, wording out her feelings in her mind.

Rebecca breath deeply, and looked at both seriously, "I want to speak to you two before we go out there. You two, three, including Cameron were my bestfriends when we were younger and I don't feel anything has changed since then, friendship wise. Sure, we have grown older and some things have changed but overall I don't want to lose our unique relationship. I do have feelings for one of you over the other, something I would like to explore further. I," She looked down, "I don't want to lose any of my friends but I am hoping you guys can be mature about this. Please, don't be mad at me."

Josh softened, "Rebecca, no one can blame you for just following what you believe in. If you like one of us more than the other, than we can expect that."

Damien said, "You still were friends after being kidnapped because of us. Other girls would have ran, but you stayed. We aren't going to run just because you choose one over the other. Whoever you choose, I promise no one is going to be anger."

The stagehand came over again, "Damien, Josh, out in two."

Damien went to the curtain. Josh followed with Rebecca behind.

Josh asked, "You ready."

"As I'll ever be," Rebecca said.

Damien, Josh, and Rebecca walked down the stripe, silence laced the room. Damien came over to the microphone and took it, "Bonjour. I'm Damien and this is Josh from True Wishes. As you all have heard of from our Head Manager, Richard, it is true that this girl next to us has taken our interest. What our manager put her and us up to was wrong and just plain deceitful. So just like our friend Cameron has done, we also are breaking off from Richard and True Wishes."

Josh said, "We both aren't sure what we would like to do, but we assure you we still would like to stay in the showlight business."

Josh and Damien then turned to Rebecca, unsure what to do next.

Rebecca turned to Josh, and whispered in his ear, "I'm sorry Josh. Forgive me." She pecked him chastely on his cheek.

Turning to Damien, Rebecca pulled his face down and kissed him fully on the lips.

Damien said, breaking the kiss, "Tears are our best friend as they remind us how good we are." He stroked some tears off her face.

He looked up towards Josh, seeing him smiling and nodding to Rebecca, as a sign that he respectfully back downed. Damien grinned and pulled Rebecca up for another kiss, the flashes of cameras making it seem as if the two were surrounded by glowing stars.

The End, Of Tale One.

AN: I'm kinda worried if this was the right ending but when I think back to when I first started this novel I'm sure I did the right thing. I wrote this story for fun, to test out this site and see what kind of people would review to my story. I love almost all the reviews I got, and understood the grammar reviews too, even if there were a few that did upset me. The only thing I want to tell you guys to lay off a bit is to understand with these kind of stories that there is a fine line of fiction and reality. I wrote this story completely over the fiction with hints and resources going back to reality. In my mind I knew where the story was going to go; and I know some parts are totally unrealistic, but I wanted them to be that way. I love how you guys supported me but a piece of advice for reviewers; only critic about the basics of the story such as plot, grammar, ect... not for the story itself. There is no right or wrong path for fiction writers. For authors, when you write a story that fans can understand and enjoy, they have filled their purpose. But not all fans think alike. No one has the same enjoyment when reading. While one person may love this story, and don't care about the miner flaws, another may hate it entirely and wish they could burn it. I write for myself, not for others. I'm happy when someone enjoys my work, and it does downheart me when someone says it sucks, but as long as I like what I think or write down I'm at peace of mind.

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