Set on the planet of Evendral. A planet ruled by all manner of creatures from Elves and Fey to goblins and ghouls.

The manacles are a sign of servitude. The one who bares the manacles must guard the Secret Keeper until the day they perish. The manacles allow the barer to live for utter eternity should they not fall prey to hand or sword. The Keeper is never with out guard for more than one is born to bare the manacles. Yet only one is chosen for the right. If the one shall die the next is chosen. No man of body makes this choice, the manacles do it, is for them to decide who should carry this mission on. In one full Turn Of The Wheel from the time of a beings birth into this realm it will be made clear, if they may be a barer or not. The manacles make it clear. Around there tiny arms appear silver manacles which grow with them and if per chance one day it is there time to serve the manacles change to gold. These are the true manacles. The silver holds no power they are but the marking of a possible barer.

The Secret Keeper holds the Secret to the destruction of the Planet. The time has come a New Barer has been chosen but a dark force is rising one so powerful they may indeed be able to break the barer of The Manacles...

The Sky is blue the grass is green but not all is normal this day. Off in the east dark clouds were rising and there was a very eerie feeling in the air of something being incalculably wrong. The Elves felt it the Fay felt it every thing felt it. The Winds were unseasonably cold. And all the wildlife had taken shelter. What was brewing was something best left un- brewed. Everything seemed to realized that It was time, that it was The Beginning Of The End....

Airena woke up like she always did and attended to the business she always attended too and went down to breakfast in the Great Hall as always. There was something unique about the great hall in the Castle of Learning. There was only one table albeit a very long table. There was a strict seating arrangement at the table, the youngest would sit all the way down at the right end of the table and then it went by age to the left, the eldest sitting all the way to the left. There were some care givers sitting tending to the young children's. Though the youngest allowed at the table were five. Airena was sixteen so naturally she landed in the middle of the table. Airena tore hungrily into her morning ration of fruit and porridge. Normally Airena was talkative, chatting with her friends and the, such but suddenly the morning clatter started getting to Airena. Normally that clatter of the thirty or so people in the room didn't bother her all that much but suddenly the din began to make her head pound. She took a long drink of water and then closed her eyes as the head ache got worse. Suddenly the pain grew worse shooting through her body. With a cry, seizers took over the young warriors' body and she fell backwards off the bench and onto the ground. Her vision went black and it felt as if her blood had been turned to fire that ran through her body with each searing pump of her heart. Screams went up around the Hall but Airena couldn't really make out much more than someone scream "call Head Mistress Marlyia". Three of the eldest student in there twenties grabbed Airena forcing her to stay down as the seizers grew worse. Soon the Head Mistress arrived in a sweep of green velvet. She knelt down next to the screaming teenager and touched her Manacled wrists. She pulled back with a cry. Or course Airena noticed none of this, too far lost in the pain, that was no longer just fire for blood but ice as well adding a new burn to the pain. With the aid of the three students Marlyia was able to drag Airena up to Marlyias room were she was tied down. The helping students asked in a hushed tone.

"What is going on?" Marylia replied.

"She is going through the Zyth."

"You mean-"

"Yes...she is to be The Barer of The Manacles..."