"Ode To Butter"
by, Nina P.
2 - 12 - 04 (approx. 4:20 pm)

Butter, butter
Why is it that I love butter?
It is not filling
It is so fat
But I love butter
And that is that

Butter is salty
And it is yellow, too
Butter comes from milk
That comes from cows
And they say "Moo"

Butter is refrigerated
Because it is so fragile
And if it were not refrigerated
It might get yucky

Butter is best when it is soft
And spread over waffles
But I think that I really like butter most
When butter is melting into toast

Butter should be hailed
By all the poets of the world
And the Parisians would think it genius
"It's simple and yet so great!" they would say
J'adore le beurre!

But butter would be happy
Probably, if I weren't so sappy
Writing this nonsensical poem
It would tell me to go bother toast
And I would reply, "I have done so."

Now I think I may have run out of things to say
About the glory of my little yellow pat
So I will say again
I love butter
And that is that.