" Mr Macdonald. What is it now? I need to get back to football practice! They're picking teams for this season!"

" What cheek!" murmured his assistant Margaret.

" That'll be all, Margaret. Marc, we need to talk about your grades. You are falling behind much more than you were last year."

" But I got through this year."

" Yes, but only because you have your football. You are a good student Marc. You show up on time, you go to every class, but you must not pay enough attention to the teacher to fail your grades as much as this. You recently received a grade D for Maths. This is one subject you will need for the future. Maths and English are a must, especially if you hope to get into one good university after this year. This is senior year, Marc; we need more good grades from you if you hope to pass this term."

" What did you call me in for sir? I know all of that."

" We're getting you a tutor. Now she's a-"

" She?"

" Yes. She. You didn't think you were smarter than all the girls?"

" Who?" he was persistent.

" Clara Macmillan. She's an excellent student."

" I've never heard of her."

" That's because she's new."

" I have a new student? Why?"

" She has just transferred from abroad and is excellent in her areas. She is hoping to go to University of Florida in Gainesville to do Music and Sound Engineering. A very promising student. Don't underestimate her, she's a smart girl."

" When is my first tutoring session then? What will she be teaching me?"

" Today, straight after your trials. Physics and Maths. Don't worry, you've been picked, this is why you need this tutor. Be nice, Hudson."