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I placed a fallen piece of my black hair behind my ear and looked toward my certain doom. Coreador High School, where dreams are broken and teachers laugh in your face when you fail. Ok, that's a little dramatic but still… it sometimes seems that way. Its even worse if you don't have any friends, the whole school knows that your old boyfriend beat the shit out of you almost every day and was psycho and you're a little tipsy yourself. Ya, that would pretty much explain me.

I took in a deep breath then walked into the school looking around the semi familiar halls. I looked down at my classes that were written down on a small piece of note book paper. Homeroom with Naufagen room 223, good thing that I knew where that room was and knew that teacher was nice.

I walked off to my destination and entered the class with my head down. I glanced up threw my bangs that I had grown down to the middle of my nose and took a seat in the back left corner where currently no one was at. I gave myself the chance to look around not recognizing anyone. I let out a quiet sigh, like that was a surprise I didn't know anyone, I never even TRIED to get to know anyone.

I took out a note book and looked at the letter I had started to write last night before I had fallen asleep. It was too my new boyfriend, who lived in California far away from Michigan where I lived. We had met over the summer and to say the least, had had an interesting time there. I had fallen for him the first time I saw him but I was going out with my ex psycho boyfriend back then so I just ignored my feelings. We had gotten off with a bad start and sometimes seemed like we hated each other but in the end I guess it came together, even though we still had big problems.

"I think your in my spot." I looked up into dark brown eyes and swallowed hard. "Oh, its you." Once again I swallowed hard and just wished for him to get the teasing over with. "Jeez guys look who it is!" The owner of the dark cold brown eyes said with a cruel laugh as his friends came over.

"Jesus Christ Lars leave her alone!" I heard a female voice say. "Go the hell away, nobody likes you." She added with a snicker as the guys left but not before exchanging a few nasty words at the girl.

"Th-thanks… you didn't have to though…" I said looking down at my note book which had spit on it from one of the guys. I let out a disgusted sound and closed the note book shut, shoving it back into my book bag.

"I know I didn't have to but I hate Lars and his goons and I wanted too." The girl said as I looked up at her. "By the way my names Nemesis." The girl put out her hand and I pushed my bangs out of my face only for them to fall back into it again before shaking her hand.

"Destiny." I said meaning my name as she smiled happily, her sky blue eyes sparkling with delight. I cracked a small smile back at her.

"Well mind if I sit next to you Destiny?" She asked as I shook my head in a no response and she plopped down in the seat next to me. "So what were your writing, if you don't mind me asking, before those ass's rudely interrupted?" Nemesis asked with a glare towards the are where the guys were now sitting and laughing loudly.

"A letter to my boyfriend." I said with a smile and Nemesis gave me a weird look. "Oh, not THAT boyfriend." I said while cracking my knuckles nervously.

"Oh I don't mean to go into it but…" She said looking away then back at me then away again.

"Its ok, everyone knows and I know that. Its fine with me… I'm just surprised your talking to me." I said with a sigh.

"Why wouldn't I?! I think what you did was really brave! I mean I would of cracked and told someone but you kept it all inside just to keep your family save!" Nemesis said as I blushed and let my bangs hid my eyes. "Anways-" She started in a whisper like. "-I think the bastard deserved it." I smiled at that.

"Thanks… first time someone actually doesn't give me strange looks or is afraid of me." I said still smiling.

"Well then the others are stupid. So this new boyfriend of yours, is he cute?" Nemesis asked with a mischeafivous grin as I laughed and dug threw my back pack, holding up a picture of my boyfriend and me. His big tanned arms were loosely around me as I stood in front of him. He had to bend down a bit because he stood at 6'1 where I only stood 5'7, his pacific blue eyes were squinted in laughter and dark blue, almost black, hair fell into his face giving him that 'I just got out of bed even though its 9 o'clock at night' look. "Jeez, lucky you! You two look so happy together too." I nodded and placed the picture back in my book bag.

"So do you have a boyfriend?" I asked trying to get the topic off myself as Nemesis shook her head. I wondered why she wouldn't have one, she was obviously pretty with her bright blue eyes, curly blonde hair, freckles and cheery attitude. Though I didn't ask.

"But I do have my eye on someone." She said a smile reappearing on her face as I smiled back. She glanced around quickly then leaned close to me, pointing to a guy across the room who was leaning against the wall next to the window talking to a couple guys and girls. He wore a varsity jacket for football, his dark blonde hair was spiked up perfectly and his brown eyes held no emotion besides pure happiness.

"Why don't you go for him? You two look like you'd make a great couple." I asked placing my elbow on the desk and my chin on the palm of my hand.

"That's so stereotypical but thanks anyways… problem is, he doesn't even notice me and I tried to get him to notice me by joining the cheerleading team but then found out he'd NEVER date a cheerleader…" She said with a sigh.

"Then we'll just have to get him to notice you." I said with a grin as Nemesis looked up at me.

"Really?!" She asked excitedly as I nodded. "Destiny you're the best!" She hugged me and a lot of people gave us strange looks but I just laughed at that. I had finally gotten a friend at this school. Maybe it wasn't going to be such an awful year after all… or so I thought…


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