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I picked up the phone with a shaky hand and held it to my ear. My bottom lip was trembling along with the rest of my body as my breath came out shallow.

"Glad to see you moved on from me so quickly." His voice was covered in hatred. I closed my eyes, trying to will away the tears. I killed him. He was dead on the floor. I KILLED HIM! "Thought I wouldn't get my revenge? Thought I was dead, huh? I'm not that easy to kill you stupid slut." My anger flared, replacing my fear as my eyes snapped open.

"Stick it up your-"

"Now now, wouldn't want anything to happen to your precise friend now would you?" My shoulders squared as I looked dead in front of me, trying to keep my anger down.

"How am I suppose to even know she's alive?" I asked in a dead calm voice. I wasn't calm though. My heart was racing; my head was pounding with the realization that Nemesis could be dead.

"Destiny? Destiny?" I knew that voice. It was Nemesis. My legs gave out and I fell hard to the floor. She was alive. She sounded so scared. Oh god it's all my fault.

"That enough evidence for you bitch?" I bit hard on my bottom lip as I closed my eyes again. All my anger lost with that sound of Nemesis's frightened voice.

"Yes…" I whispered, wiping away the tears before they had a chance to fall.

"That's what I thought… now what you have to do next is…" My eyes went wide as I listened to him tell me what to do. No. No no no!

Third Persons Pov

"It's just not like her…" Harmony said, shaking her head as she looked around the group of guys. Everyone was worried about Destiny's actions and what she was doing.

"No it isn't." Felix said, his anger coming out. Everyone had long ago stopped trying to calm the angry older brother down and just tried to stay out of his way.

"Yeah, it's like someone is-" Harmony was cut off short.

"Controlling her?" Knives asked, rubbing his sore jaw. It had turned a nice brownish blue color over a couple hours and had swollen a bit. Jagger had not looked up from his spot on the floor since this conversation began but now he did.

"Like Caleb?" Everyone in that room winced at the hatred that was spilling from Jagger's mouth.

"That's impossible. Unless you all forgot, Caleb's dead as in never coming back. He's buried six feet under ground with a hole in him." Harmony said, rubbing her forehead as she closed her eyes slightly. Felix sat next to her on the hotel bed and rubbed her back lightly. Harmony leaned against her long term boyfriend, worrying about the girl she had came to call her sister.

"Yes but… didn't he have a brother?" Everyone turned to Knives, eyes wide with hope.

"You think maybe he's… doing something?" Harmony asked, biting her lip not understanding quite how Caleb's brother would be controlling Destiny. "Everyone knows that she has become so much stronger then ever and she wouldn't let anyone have the same control over her unless-"

"Unless someone she loved was in danger." Jagger said.

"Nemesis…" Knives mumbled. Everyone turned to him. "When I ran out of the club to see her, Nemesis was gone." He explained. Everyone's eyes went wide for the second time.

Destiny pulled out a shoe box out of her step dad's closet. She took off the lid slowly and looked down at the item in the box. She reached down, her hand fisting around the handle of it. She picked it up, the metal gleaming from the light in the hall way. The reflection in the mirror showed glistening tears forming in painful violet eyes.

She pulled the hunting knife closer as she slowly began to crave a 'C' into her arm, the clear tears running down her lightly tanned cheeks.

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