His blood lies on my hands
His thoughts lie in my head
I can hear the incessive pounding
Of his heart upon which I reconcile my rain
If I could lie here in this faze of contemplations
I would so
I would let the misty stark fog encircle me
For a score of years I would let it blind me
Confuse me, madden me, to the point of no sanity
Where reason is a vague myth
Used by only the weak at tymes of disadvantage
Where chaos rules with an auric fist
And those too ignorant to act with valor and alliance
Become the living kadabra
There is no order, no law
Just you and the survival
The adrenline running through your veins
Enpowering your every move
Conquering your emotion, your need
Everything is frozen around you
Sound is mute
All watch you as you run