While siting in the back of the church where a funeral is taking place for a friend of mine I think of how she past. The service is a closed casket, I chose not to let her other friends see her as I had after her attack, a mangled piece of bloody flesh lying in a rank ally.
The attack was a horrible bloody fight that obviously didn't last more than a few minutes. The police claimed a rabid local dog got lose and attacked her. Rabid dog my ass!! Since when is old yeller running around tearing people apart? The dog that Jenny met up with in that ally must have weight a good muscular two hundred eighty pounds or even three hundred pounds. Jenny was my best friend and all, but she wasn't some little twig like most girls now a days. Diabeties made it hard for Jenny to keep a steady weight. During her good months she was at least two fifteen. Most of the dogs you see around here are bird dogs and beagles. Toped Iowa is well know aroound the whole state for its champion beagles and their runner up bird dogs, at the states final competetion in the "Hunt show". The only other dogs we got around here are coyotes. And they never go very far into Toped.

Jenny was attacked on Wilture road which is three miles into the thick town area. Now let me tell you something Toped is only about seven or eight miles from one city limit to the next. This is a chicken-shit town, and when I was about fourteen I hated this town so much that I had a bag packed twenty four seven. I wanted to get out of here and head to San Deigo, leave my mama with my four older brothers and just disapear forever. My daddy was an alcohalic, he beat my mama everynight when he came home from work, then he'd start binging with his closest friend Jack Daniels. He left fforever right before the EMS took mama to the intesive care unit for three weeks. I don't remember his face I was only four when he left, I don't really care what his face looked like any way. My neighbors told my mama when I was in high school that they saw my daddy. He was out at 'Dead Mans Inn'. My mama told them to 'fuck off and don't you dare tell Liza or my boys.' I admit that was the first time mama ever said a curse word. 'Dead Mans Inn' is an old deserted inn that in occupied by runaways from out of state, hobos and druggies. The inn is right smack bab on the city limit of Toped, but Sheriff Theodore never even drives bye on his night runs. Says that ' that trash don't deserve the tax payers protection.' A lot of kids used to say they'd spent the night there back when I was in school. The fact was none of them don't even have a clue what it looks like.
Now everybody is standing and leaving the chruch, some stay to say a prayer for Jenny while others rush to the door as if the roof might cave in. Jennys mother and father are walking down the asle, they're a very odd couple. Mr. Hathkins is a very tall man with with dark brown hair. His head is almost two heads over Mrs. Hathkins who has the same dark brown hair. Jennys hair was as golden as the suns rays them selves. She used to always say to the more popular girls that her great, great, great grandma was a gypie, that's who she got her hair from. Mr. and Mrs. Hathkins were walking past me giving me the most evil look possible. They blame me for Jenny being out so late on the night of the attack. Jenny never liked going out at night, that was are only difference. She loved the warmth of the sun, the rays bouncing off the bottom of her swimming pools floor. Whereas I hated it, it gave me headaches. I loved the night, the cool air flowing over my skin as I drive into the night. The way the stars always facinated me.
A week or two before Jennys attack she met a cute guy, that she really liked. Can't remember his name but I see him often at the post office. She talked to him and finally they made time for dinner and a movie. Well she went to the diner they were to meet at and she sat there forever and finally order herself a hamburger and a coke. She left heart broken, she usually is scared to talk to any guy, but being stood up on her first date was a stab to the chest. She was walking home from the diner following the train tracks that run behind her house. About one block from her warm safe bed she was attacked. A local neighbor heard a scream along with a dogs deep chested growl. When they found her an hour after the person who heard her scream called the police she was already dead. She was found laying across the tracks with her throat and neck chewed open, half her abdonamen was gone or eaten. Her legs and arms had numerous scratch and bite marks that were very wide and terribly deep. The scrathes and the bites were postmortem, the throat was bloody but still in good contidion so the morgue said that the throat was chewed on while she was still alive. The abdonamen never was found but that was ovbiously after she was dead. Now you understand why the funeral was closed casket.
Part of me blamed myself but the rest of me went with the evidence. Jenny loved animals, she also knew what to do in a situation like this. I remember during the summer before fifth grade; Jenny and I were playing in the dry creek bed, she heard a squealing noise and went to see what it was. Turned out to be a baby possum, the ugliest baby animal around. She kept it and raised it, she even let it go into the wild when it reached adulthood. Why would a dog attack her? This whole damn thing just don't sit right with me. Tomorrow when the sun comes up I'm going to do some of my own research. Those donut hording old fools of a police would figure it out anyway, so I'll do it for myself, and for Jennys parents.