Ah, just a poem I wrote. I don't know if I'm entirely happy with the flow, but like the idea. Just, if this sucks, don't be thinking I'm convinced it's the greatest poem in the world. I have better things, by the way, and I suggest you check them out. Enjoy! ~Andromeda

As far as life goes, I've given up.
But I'm not wishing for death,
Just something---anything---
That will make this---and you---stop.

All these words, actions, excessive feelings---
Which do not need to exist---
Remain in the human system,
For it is run by humans.

And you make me angry, so very angry.
Something---anything---must be somewhat helpful,
Or I will gladly get revenge for what you've done to me.
Whether it be on you---or myself---who knows?

I asked nicely.
For something---anything---
To keep you away from me.