India paid the cab then slowly walked the steps up to the front door.

She had finally finished high school and after three months of pure insanity, had come to live with her older brother.

He lived a street down the university, in a house their parents had bought. She hadn't even visited him yet because he always came for the holidays and lived pretty far away.

If India remembered well, he was also bunking with one or two other persons.

Before she could even ring the bell, Dakota –called TK by everyone for some reason- opened the door with an abrupt move and half-hugged, half-shoved her inside.

A strong smell of pot and cigarettes assailed her the minute she dared breathe.

- My darling little sister! TK squealed in a silly voice.

- Shut up, you moron. You're high, aren't you?

- Duh. Did you think I was really this happy to see you?

India pushed him off with her fist, smiling. Her brother grinned at her before plunging down in a fancy bow.

- Will your new home do, princess?

She didn't answer, taking a mental snap of everything surrounding her.

The kitchen was obviously on the right, with dirty dishes crawling out of the sink.

In front of her was the living room, all the sofa cushions lying askew on the floor as well as a certain number of empty alcohol bottles. The low table was overflowing with full ashtrays and glasses half-full with weirdly coloured liquids. Video tapes were everywhere, as if someone had been throwing them all over the room, there were stains on the rug India didn't even want to start knowing about and the stereo was blasting The Clash as if there were no tomorrow.

- Disgustingly messy will do.

- Aw, stop it Mother, you're hurting me! TK whined, clutching the front of his shirt.

- Really. How can your roommates bear this?

- Come on, India. You know they help me in this battlefield. Think I'd rent rooms to people who have it up the ass?

- Don't look at me like that!

TK chuckled while clumsily taking her travel bag and a cardboard box. He beckoned her to follow him upstairs, which she did after grabbing the rest of her stuff.

- Charlie's room is the first to the left. Bathroom right across the stairway. This is my room, he continued, pointing to an open door. And opposite is Van's. Next to it was May's but that bitch has moved out so now, it's yours.

- Gee, thanks! India smirked.

- Don't start complaining. It has a great view and all. You'll have something to model, sculpt, whatever it is you do.

India didn't bother telling him it was drawing and painting as she just walked in the room, wondering how she was going to set everything up.

Her bed was already against one of the windows –which had a seat, she happily noted- and her desk in front of the other. A bookshelf was next to it and a door on her right led to a closet.

- It's perfect, TK. Thanks for building the shelf.

- No problem, princess. I was on pills when I did. I'm really amazed of how crafty I am. It must be a family trait, he replied with mock awe.


It was already 1am and none of the other people living there had returned.

After cleaning up a bit, TK and India shared a quick meal in front of the television.

Changing the channel to MTV, TK put the mute button on and turned up a Massive Attack cd. He started rolling and India did as well, both ending up completely stoned in less than an hour.

- How do you like university, lil'sis? TK drowsily queried.

- I haven't even gone to class yet.

- You know I didn't mean that.

- If it's the idea of living with you, I'll deal. It seems pretty cool so far.

- Wait 'til you meet the colocs, TK loudly laughed.

India had trouble figuring why that was so bloody funny but she patiently waited for TK's giggle fit to end.

He was still laughing ten minutes later though so she nudged him back to his senses. He stopped with difficulty then choked himself with another drag.

- I need a goddamn drink, he grumbled, shakily getting up.

India watched him stagger to the kitchen with half-closed eyes. She had forgotten how fucking tiresome her brother could be.

- India! She heard TK yelp before he –seemingly- smashed glass on the floor.

- God, don't walk in this, a female voice replied.

India peeked around the door and saw a girl with wild red hair sticking up all over the place, calmly picking the shards of a broken bottle. She looked up and grinned.

- India, right? I'm Charlie, one of your new roomies, she said before kissing a surprised India on both cheeks.

- Hi…

- Charlie is great, TK childishly declared out of the blue. India is the best sister on earth. Van is a fucker because he still isn't home.

He was stretched out against the fridge in what could have been a lewd pose if he hadn't been so smashed.

- Okay, darling, Charlie laughed as she patted him on the arm. Now, instead of sexually inviting us for a romp in your bed, why don't you just go simmer down in the sofa?

- Good idea, TK obediently said then took off without another word.

India raised her eyebrow at the other girl.

- You'll get used to handling him, Charlie smiled. He's very willing when high. How was the ride down?

- Oh, it went alright.

- Met Van yet?

- No, I haven't.

- Just be careful with him… We never know in which mood he can come home and I doubt he'll remember you were moving in today.

India nodded back, too stoned to care about the lunatic roommate. Or housemate? Yeah. Whatever.

Supposedly, she should've.


- May? A soft voice asked.

India frowned as she heard the door creak open and quietly looked around the curtain. She could hardly see a tall silhouette making its way to her bed.

- May? Where the fuck are you? The person growled.

- Wrong room, mate.

- Who the fuck are you?

- Who the fuck are you? India sharply demanded.

- I live here, he spat back before flicking the lights on.

India squinted –she had been in the dark for hours now- and discovered a lanky boy staring coldly at her.

His eyes were dark and brooding with anger, lined with thick kohl which clashed with his pale skin. His hair was black with blue highlights and his lip ring shone a bit against his full lips. When he brushed his bangs out of his face, she saw he also had an eyebrow bar and various other piercings in his ear. She guessed the other one was as loaded with safety pins as his pants were.

- So who are you? Where the fuck is May? TK! What did you fucking do again?

- What are you yelling about? TK's voice came sleepily from his room.

- Who is this bitch?

- Hey, fucker! What's your goddamn problem? India snapped.

- Am I fucking talking to you?

- This 'bitch' is my sister so you fucking shut up, TK yawned as he appeared in the doorway. I kicked May out a week ago. If you hadn't been taking so many drugs, maybe you would've remembered.

Van glared at him then –India would've sworn it- actually snarled.

- I thought I said I wasn't fucking agreeing to that!

- Charlie and I decided it, being two against one.

- Get this girl out of here! Van retorted, pointing at India.

- No way. There're more chances you move the hell out before she does.

Van paused to light a cigarette. He threw his match on the floor then stomped on it.

- Why did you never like May? He angrily asked.

- Maybe because she slept with everyone and brought strangers in everyday! Not to mention all the STD's she must've transmitted to you!

- So that's the problem? That I fucked her?

- No, the fucking problem is that the bitch sold drugs to my fucking best friend!

- That's none of your concern! Who's taking pills and smoking pot all the time?

- Yeah, but I'm not seventeen, TK snidely retorted.

India gaped at that. Van was younger than her?

- What was all your fucking speech about 'age being only numbers' about, then?

- I was referring to intellect but sometimes, I really fucking wonder where I got the idea you were a somewhat fucking genius!

- So it means you love me so much, you've brought your little sister here for me to fuck? Van queried, crossing his arms.

- Damnit, V! You're too fucking stupid, TK sighed.

Van smirked then picked up a bottle he had stashed near the door. He gulped down some mouthfuls before turning his dark eyes back on India, who had crept out of the window seat in case things became physical. She inwardly squirmed under his stare but didn't let it show as she looked steadily back at him.

He slowly checked her up and down without blinking once, drinking at the same time. Seeing this, India also let her eyes wander all over his body, feeling painfully self-conscious but intrigued.

- She's hot. I might try anyway, Van coolly remarked.

He quietly licked his lip ring then went out the door. His steps were swallowed by the staircase as music was still blasting.

- He was in one of his moods, sis, TK said. Don't worry. He's not always like that.

India didn't reply and continued looking distractingly at the open door.

- You okay? TK asked in a worried voice.

- Oh yeah. Yeah, I'm okay, she said after a moment.

- I'll let you sleep now. Don't fidget, it'll be alright.

- I'm fine, TK. Good night.

- 'Night…

India listened to her brother going downstairs before getting up. She picked up the match and threw it in the trashcan.

After a second of hesitation, she opened a drawer and took out a pocket mirror. She then started to look attentively at her face, wondering what Van had seen.


It's pretty interesting reading this while listening to Orgy. I don't know if you liked the beginning but I sense other chapters are on their way.