For a thousand years and more blood and tears have stained this earth,

A crimson sea of false feelings,

Death; destruction,

Jesters of the abyss.

Here in the middle of nowhere,

Trapped in the desert flood of existence,

Living in a cage of assured doubt,

Trapped within the confusion of freedom.

Walks alone,

Down the path of life,

The evil glaring down from either side.

Waiting for the opportunity to steal our existence.

Poetry left out in the rain,

The ink running away,

In a soft drizzle of nature,

A lament for lost knowledge.

Just look ahead,

Don't look at them,

If left unfed by thoughts,

Our demons cannot survive.

And warriors plead on bended knee,

Weary of the passing days,

Rust and dirt stain faded feature,

And the nothing is explained with everything.

And flowers sing in muted cries,

Begging to the sky for answers,

Their unblinking eyes flooded,

With tears such blind eyes cannot see.

And the floating bird,

Chained by himself,

Trapped in flight,

In the instant of eternity.

And the soundless shout and screams,

From animals beyond; unseen,

The voices begging to be there,

Full of wonder and awe that we are.