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The adventures of Prince Sovery Charming

I am about to tell you a fairytale. I know what you're thinking,

'why on earth would I want to read a fairy tale? They're for little kids and are completely useless at teaching you anything except: stay away from your evil stepmother, you can always trust seven short men living together without a woman, and always make sure you invite the bad fairy to your child's christening.'

Well, this fairy tale is designed especially for people like you. Some aspects of it you may recognise, but don't think that this is to be like any tale you've read before. For this is a tale that is highly relevant to our times, and I hope will teach you all something about acceptance, and making sure you marry the right person.

Prince Charming sighed, twirling his handsomely curled brown locks in his elegantly manicured fingers as his Father continued to drone on about his getting married, and that if it didn't happen soon he would never get to hear the patter of tiny feet.

The Prince's long eyelashes began to droop as his Father's speech reached new lows, accusing him of being a loser and obviously not his son, as his true son would be married already.

At that moment, the door opened and the Prince's head snapped up. The apprentice Butler, Jeff, stood slightly nervously in the doorway, his powerful muscular form looking out of place in the delicately draped surroundings of the breakfast room.

"Excuse me, your Highness, there's a visitor waiting for you in the main hall, he says it's urgent," he said timidly.

"What? Oh yes, of course, I'll be right down," the king muttered, running a hand through the greying waves of his hair. "You just think about what I've said" King Notso declared imperiously, looking down at his son over his large stomach, before sweeping out of the room in a waft of musk.

Jeff coughed as the smell hit him and the Prince grinned seductively and mouthed "handsome brute." Jeff blushed a deep beetroot that only made him more handsome and smiled quickly back before scurrying out of the room to continue his day's duties.

Downstairs in the main entrance hall, a humble, balding man stood gazing round at the huge portraits lining the walls. The King grandly made his entrance, and ceremoniously held his head high to give the person a chance to bow, before glancing down to see who was there.

His face immediately broke into a broad smile "Andy! Why didn't you tell me you were coming? I would have prepared a banquet!" he roared, grabbing the smaller man into a huge bear hug.

Andy squeaked and his eyes bulged as the considerable weight of the King crushed his ribs. "I apologise most sincerely Sire, I didn't know I was coming until yesterday morning, and by then it was too late to send you a telegram. Forgive me King Charming" Andy said as soon as he had enough breath.

"Get with the times Andy! The rest of us are using telephones now! And less of the King Charming, my names Notso, you know that! So use it."

"Yes sire- ah. Notso" Andy replied, smiling sheepishly up at the King as he took Andy by the arm and led him to the library.

"So, what's the reason for this unexpected pleasure?" Notso enquired, settling himself into the plush velvet of the library's sofa,

"Well. It's a rather long story." Andy replied.


Two hours later the preparations were underway. Prince Charming poked his head around the door to the library.

"Father? What on earth is going on?" he asked, bewildered.

"Ah! Sovery! I'm glad you're here. Since you're taking such a long time to get a wife, we've decided to take matters into our own hands. We're organising a ball for every eligible bachelorette in the country."

The Prince's jaw dropped open. The small man to the left of his father coughed subtly.

"Ah! Of course, you must remember my oldest friend, Andy! We've known each other for donkey's years!" The Prince stared blankly. "Well anyway, he's gone into the business of party organisation, and we're to be his first qualified ball!" The Prince grimaced.

"When is it?" He asked tightly.

"Tomorrow night" the King declared. The Prince fainted.


A flurry of excitement spread across the land as the invitations were distributed. Young women lined the streets in eager anticipation of the Royal carriage carrying their own invitations.

As it approached, drawn by two stately, proud white horses, the women began pushing themselves against the carriage, scratching at the doors as their excitement got the better of them. Squeaks of anticipation emerged from all sides as handfuls of crisp, white envelopes fell like confetti.

One solitary girl watched from the doorway as her two stepsisters elbowed their way to the front, leaving a wake of injured people behind. They were among the loudest squealers as the carriage passed, thrusting their hands into the air and scrabbling at the waxy paper to ensure they snared their invitations.

The girl waited until the commotion had dispersed before going to peer into the mud to find a considerably battered invitation.

She carefully broke the seal and brushed as much dirt as she could from the delicate design. Whatever was she to wear? She read the invitation three times, then held it close to her bosom, her eyes misting over as she imagined the Prince dancing with her.

"CINDERELLA!" three voices chorused from inside the house. Her face fell. Glowering, she stalked back into the house to hear her stepfamily once again begging her to tidy her room up, as a rather nasty smell was beginning to emanate from it.


Meanwhile, back at the castle, Prince Charming had just been caught in a rather compromising position with the apprentice butler, Jeff. The King had just discovered Jeff backed up against a wall, and the Prince leaning in toward him, their lips just slightly too close to each other to easily be explained away.

"Father!" Sovery squawked. "Ah. Yes, I can explain. I. well." Sovery trailed off.

"Son! Good to see you! I see you're giving Jeff a talking to. Just don't be too hard on him eh, son?" The King said in a jolly tone.

"Father, I wasn't telling him off, I was. about to kiss him." the Prince said uncertainly.

"Son, I think that's going a bit far, don't you? What on earth could he have done to make you want to kill him?"

"No, Father not kill, kiss." The Prince cast a confused look at Jeff, who shrugged

"That's what I said. Kill. And don't."

"Look, Father, there's something I need to tell you." Sovery took a deep breath. "I'm gay."

"Wonderful! You must be looking forward to the ball! It's enough to make anyone feel gay! I'm feeling rather happy myself, actually." Notso beamed. Sovery coughed.

"No Father. Not happy - homosexual."

"Son, I think you should wait until you're married before you think about sex, but yes home sex is the best!" Sovery shuddered as the mental images flashed in front of his eyes. Jeff was still cringing when Sovery had recovered enough to realise it was fairly pointless trying to convince his father that he wasn't interested in women.

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