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That evening the Prince had gone to bed early to avoid his father asking him if he was still feeling gay. It had become rather awkward when everyone else in the room had caught on to what the Prince meant except his father.

Sovery lay on his bed with his hands behind his head and thought for the thousandth time of a way out of the ball, and for the thousandth time failed to see one. Eventually he drifted into a fitful sleep, and when he woke, it was already midday on the day of the ball.

He peeled the eyelid back on one of his eyes to see a shaft of sunlight cut the room in two. Sovery rolled himself off the bed and stumbled into the bathroom. Gazing at himself, bleary eyed in the mirror, he suddenly remembered. He let his head fall against the mirror and moaned sullenly to himself.

"It's not fair. it's not FAIR!" A few moments later he shook himself and climbed into the large, gold-plated shower.

Feeling refreshed, the Prince skulked out of his room two hours later, hoping to get some food with as little attention as possible. As soon as he stepped out of his room the Prince's dresser grabbed his arm and dragged him off to one of the wardrobe rooms to fit him for the suit he was to wear that night.

As seven o'clock grudgingly ticked its way round, the Prince was stuffed into his black suit and posed at the bottom of the staircase, ready to receive his guests.

"Will there be any guys at this party?" Sovery asked, grabbing the arm of a passing waiter.

He looked shifty, "Er. other than the waiters, no sir." The Prince cursed, and the waiter scuttled off.

Eventually the first guests began to arrive. The Prince was already expecting the worst, and as the swarms of women swept into the hall, he paled. He plastered a grin to his face and bowed to one make-up caked face after another.

Suddenly there was a person bowing before him that he couldn't take his eyes off. She wore a stunning lime green off-the-shoulder dress, and had the most masculine face he had ever seen. He bowed deeply to her, took her hand and kissed it.

Surely this person was a drag queen, if so then his night was complete. He would marry this man! All night long he danced with the endless masses of women, gradually working his way towards the green goddess he so richly deserved. Finally he had nearly reached his goal. At eleven o' clock he threw off the fluorescent yellow bow adorned creature he had been dancing a particularly unpleasant tango with for the last hour, and stared eagerly around him.

Just one woman stood between him and his love, and she was drunk and so should be easily got rid of. Unfortunately she remained clinging to him when he tried the old favourite - "look over there" and she remained immune to his constant pleas for a drink. She just kept saying that her name was Cinderella and she was going to marry him.

They danced several fast dances and several slow ones. This Cinderella kept murmuring incoherent nonsense, between comments on the bands.

"I was never much of a fan of George Michael, Culture Club or Madonna. I much prefer S Club 8." She sighed burying her face in his shoulder.

She clung to the Prince like a limpet until the clock struck twelve when she suddenly let go. Sovery sighed with relief and went to go to his goddess, but Cinderella grabbed his arm in a vice like grip and screamed,

"No! I must go! Don't try to stop me! My fairy godmother only gave me 'til twelve!" clinging tighter to him she continued "Let me go! I love you, and you love me but I must leave now! Please!" and with that she dropped his arm and staggered out of the hall, grabbing a martini on her way out.

The Prince stared blankly after her for a second, before shrugging and moving on to the green goddess. He gripped her tightly to him and refused to let go until the ball ended.

After the guests had departed, Prince Charming sat in a love-struck stupor, dreaming of his drag queen. One of the valet's came up to him later, holding something the Prince couldn't quite see,

"Excuse me sir." He said timidly, "this was found on the steps outside, and I wondered what you wanted me to do with it." The Prince looked more carefully at the object in the valet's hand.

It was a glass slipper, exquisitely crafted, carved with a kitsch intricate pattern and inlaid with garishly bright coloured jewels, and nothing short of beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that no woman could appreciate it,

"I'll marry the person it fits!" the Prince instantly cried in ecstasy, thinking once more of his drag queen love. And so the search began.


For many days the Prince accompanied the carriage as it visited each maiden's house. Then as the search became more fruitless he began to skip days. On the fifteenth day he decided that today would be the last day he was going to search. If he didn't find 'her' today he would give up. As he stepped out of the carriage at the ninth house they visited that day, a strange tingling ran up his spine.

"This is it," he murmured. One of his courtiers knocked on the door and he waited eagerly for it to open.

His face fell, however, as he recognised the person that answered the door. It was the drunken woman, Cinderella. He forced a smile,

"Could we see all the women at home please?" he asked politely. Cinderella beamed at him and led the party into the parlour, grabbing Sovery's arm in a grip that felt all too familiar.

Soon all members of the family were gathered, and Sovery couldn't stop his eyes wandering over the angel he saw before him. He was slightly confused though, as he thought she looked rather more like a woman in the light of day. Her top was pulled down, and a large amount of cleavage was visible.

He hardly paid attention as the other woman tried to force her foot into the tiny slipper, and was rather less upset than he had thought he would be when his 'drag queen' tried the shoe and it didn't fit. He turned to go, but as he did there was a cough from behind him,

"I haven't tried it yet" Cinderella whined,

"Of course Madam, allow me" the head of the party said, slipping the shoe onto her tiny foot. It fit like a glove. The Prince looked like his world had come to an end. He stood for a few moments, opening and closing his mouth like a fish, waiting for the earth to shatter.

It didn't.

He allowed himself to be led out to the carriage with Cinderella, and together they rode back to the castle, where the ecstatic King threw himself on his daughter-in-law and nearly crushed her in the process.


The wedding took place a few days later. It was an incredibly lavish affair, with every luxury you can imagine, and some you can't.

The wedding clothes were hand woven by experienced dressmakers in Peru, and were encrusted with precious jewels.

The King had a new crown made especially for the celebration, and even paid for Sovery to have a manicure and wax.

All transport for the guests was paid for, and they were all given their own wedding outfits, to make sure they co-ordinated with the wedding plan.

Everyone ate off platinum plates, and each guest received a party bag stuffed full of diamonds, gold, jewels, and the obligatory piece of cake.

I'd like to say they all lived happily ever after but I'm afraid it wouldn't be true.

Andy the party organiser was the happiest, having buckets of cash after arranging two huge events in two months. He became the Palace's regular party organiser, but divorced his wife after his career took over his life.

Cinderella was overjoyed at the marriage for several weeks, then realised the Prince was gay and began a passionate affair with a gardener.

The King died happy when Cinderella gave birth to a baby boy, ten months after the marriage.

The gardening staff noticed how unnaturally happy Jeremy was at the birth of an heir, and put two and two together.

The Prince's green goddess got a job in a supermarket and married the vegetable supervisor.

And as for the Prince himself? Well, he'd always have Jeff.