You follow all of their rules.
I don't see why you're proud.
You're a mold of what's acceptable.
No more than a conformed follower.

You have abandoned your identity.
You're no longer a person,
You're one of the people.
You have given away life to follow.

Why don't you follow your heart?
Why didn't you believe in yourself?
You hide your beautiful personality.
You follow the rules they set for you.

You should be an individual.
The one I can still see in your eyes.
Don't give in to their opinions.
You can still change the course you follow.

Why are you ashamed of what you are?
Why can't you break from the chains of normality?
There must be a way to find yourself.
You follow a path that will destroy you.

Be the person I know you are.
Find your conscience and your way.
Kick the rules and break the standards.
You need to follow your heart.