A child with an enlightened smile,
Curly brown locks passed her ears,
She lunges for the taste of strawberry,
Sweet nectar, that lasts forever?
The sweetness grows bitter,
From every bite, each devouring,
She realizes nothing is forever.

Pushing the petals out of the way,
That soon grows to high hill pillars,
The city seemed like such a huge place,
A place to fulfill little girl's dreams,
But now the city seems hallow,
She is now scrunched in this world,
Just as she is like everyone else.

Environment penetrating her mind,
But she fleets away from their ideas,
As if she never connected with anyone,
The world she saw as a tiny child,
Like a vast dome of fabricated reality,
Is now the place she lingers to escape,
And hide within her mind of questions.

The clouds that once separated apart,
To portray a sunny sky for everyone,
Now the clouds only seem to stay in place,
The child that once smiled each day,
Has the years passing her by and by,
The girl in the red checkered dress,
Is now a woman of arduous questions.