Friendship bracelet

From fibres of the earth itself,

Symbolises our unity

The four of these I bear.

Swirls and twists, entwined strands,

Each wisp a representation

Of love and hope, wisdom and understanding.

Worn with the daily demands,

Threadbare and loose,

Though everlasting and true

As a symbol of

Our friendship.

Passed down through a generation

Plaited in skilful hands,

Weaved from a sacred dream

This symbol of our friendship

Of beauty in audacity.

I see more than simply

Fragments of string.

Before me always stands

A monarch of trust,

A benevolent aid

And consistent promise.

Upon twilight, each bracelet sings

Of jade and sapphire patterns

Dancing beneath an enflamed moon.

Gypsies dance in exotic silks and shout,

Friends are forever.

The four I bear, three I wear

One I keep within my heart,

Symbolise the true and only

Friends of mine.

A bracelet is much more

Than a simple gift,

But the unravelling of much more

In which the recipient must discover…