Gladiator II

He was sitting in the waiting room,

All arrogance and dirty armour.

He waved his obsidional in the air,

drunkenly thinking some show of rank

would lure the doctors from coffee break.

His tin can clothes shed rust on the plastic chairs

with each emphatic motion. "Nurse…."

"Nurse, NURSE!" I was drawing a girl's blood,

she had been hurt in an accident, but would be alright.

I gave her a sympathetic smile, my back toward the man.

"I'm bleeding." He was obnoxious, and I was busy.

Ahh, it was going to be a looong day.

"I'm bleeding." No shit. I could see that,

My once nice white scrubs were scarlet,

What on earth had possessed me to buy white?

The idiot shouldn't have been playing with a sword,

probably wouldn't know a gladius if it hit him,

which, one well might have….

"Alright, what insurance do you carry?"

I plastered a smile on my face,

held the clipboard tightly.

Christ, I hate working Halloween.